What medications do you sell: brand or generic?

Our company sells brand and generic pills. You may get any medication you like. Generic types are cheaper because they do not use promotions that may affect a price of a product. Generic medications are a replica of expensive and popular brand drugs.

What does Generic mean?

Generic stands for a use of a different name of the identical ingredients. A chemical composition of generic pill is identical to brand's one.

What medications do you offer?

Please, go to the page with entitled products. You will see a list of medications that are presented on the website. Pay attention that some medications may have controlled substances, it means that a law prohibits to sell them online. Contact us to find out about medications you want to get.

Why do you have low prices?

This fact is explained by many factors. We do not use any marketing or promotions, taxes are not paid because all products are registered. Manufacturers are placed in an offshore zone, and so the production is cheap. No children labor is used.

Why does the pill's name differ from the branded drug?

An active ingredient is printed on the pill. This is what you see. The composition of Generic pills is identical to the branded versions. The only difference involves the name. The Generic drug manufacturers are not allowed to use names on their pharmaceutical products because it violates the copyright. However, the use of ingredients is, in fact, legal.

Why does the pill shape differ from the branded shape?

It differs due to the same reason mentioned above. The pill shape is a property of a manufacturer, and producing the same shape implies the copyright violation.

What is the difference between regular and soft tablets?

The action speed is the difference. Soft tablet acts faster than the regular one. Also, the absorption zone is also different. A soft tab is dissolved under the tongue (it gives you a possibility to consume alcohol and fatty food), and a regular tab is dissolved in the stomach.

What package do you use?

The pills go in one or more blister packs, and each blister has 10 pills. An order containing under 60 pills is packed in one package. If your order is bigger than that, it may be divided into two packs, and you will receive two separate envelopes.

Will you offer other products?

Let us know if you need a product that is not indicated in the website list. We will do our best to add this medication to a list.

Are medications FDA approved?

All items on our website are produced in India and delivered from there. And they are approved by the Indian FDA to be exported.

What happens after order submission?

The order is transferred to a licensed doctor who will consider your information and approve or decline a request. If the order is approved, the doctor will give you a prescription, and the order system will control that it is delivered to a pharmacy. And then your order is sent.

What payment systems do you accept?

We accept only E-Checks and credit cards (Visa, AmEx). Due to these systems, we process any order in no time. When your payment is approved, we are ready to pack and send it.

When is credit card charged?

A credit card will be charged when your order has been accepted and processed by the billing department.

What is your privacy policy?

We fully stick to our privacy and also security. Please, go to Terms and Conditions page. We assure you that we are using the up-to-date security encryption system to protect personal data and bank account information. Our computer system is regularly checked to make sure that all data is thoroughly protected.

Can I cancel my order?

A cancellation may happen before your order has been shipped. We are not able to cancel your order when it has been already shipped. Please read our cancellation policy to get more details.

Why is SSL encryption needed?

Https or SSL encryption is applied to protect personal information sent through the internet. To verify the legitimacy of the website, a PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) is used for the SSL encryption. This is the public key to encrypt documents, IDs, and messages that safely transmit information on the internet. Browsers display an icon that looks like a key or a pad "lock". SSL Encryption helps to protect the confidential information on the site.

Is there age restriction?

Yes, we do not sell products to persons who are under 18 years old.

How are orders shipped?

There are two methods of the shipment: international airmail and courier services (trackable).

Is the shipment worldwide?

Yes, we ship our products to all countries.

Customs delay my order, what to do?

Please, let us know if you face any issues with customs or getting your order.

What to do with a damaged package?

If your package was damaged, please contact our customer support. We may re-ship your order again, or may refund your payment.

How long does shipment takes?

We have two types of the shipment – airmail and courier services. The airmail shipment takes about 2-3 weeks, or so. The courier delivery may take for up to 5-7 business days.

I didn't get any confirmation mail, why?

Please check your email address. You may have indicated it wrong. Or you should check your spam folder. This email may be there.

Why is my payment declined?

Check your payment details, and make sure that all your payment information is correct. Also make sure that your credit card lets you making online payments. Check your funds, it should be enough to do the payment.

How can I change the shipment type?

We ship your order within 48 hours after the order submission. If you want to change the shipment type, feel free to contact our support. If your order has been sent, we cannot change it.

Should I sign for my package?

You may receive a notification to get your package at the local post office, if you were not home during the delivery time, and if there is no one to sign instead.

How can I track my order?

Your order status may be checked in your support site. We also give tracking number for orders delivered by the courier. A tracking number and a link to the status online will be sent to you in a couple of days after the shipment.

I didn't receive my package in time, why?

Airmail delivery takes about 3 weeks, and courier services may take about 10 days. Please, contact your post office, if you notice a delay, they may have your order. If they don't, please contact our shipment department.

Why have I received a part of my order?

In case of the big order (more than 60 pills), we divide it into several packages. You should wait for the rest of your package soon.

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