Work causes acne in women

Specialists from France say that they managed to discover the secret of one of the medical puzzles, which is that over the past decade, more and more women over the age of twenty-five have turned to beauticians for problems with facial skin, in particular acne and acne, although such pathological phenomena are usually characteristic of adolescence.

Some authors argue that acne and acne appear in fifty percent of women over twenty-five years of age.

Moreover, skin rashes practically do not bother the representatives of the stronger sex. In other words, after leaving adolescence, men almost never suffer from skin problems.

Doctors from the clinic at the University of Nantes found that the development of acne and acne is influenced by changing factors in social life, such as stress and hard work. Meanwhile, a few years ago, women did not experience such a negative impact of environmental factors. 

The fact is that these factors lead to the fact that in the female body an increased amount of the hormone of the male body begins to be produced, in particular testosterone. A change in the hormonal background leads to the fact that the sebaceous glands begin to work more actively, causing all kinds of skin problems – from increased oily skin to the formation of the notorious acne. Moreover , according to the authors of the study, the treatment of acne after twenty-five years caused by hormonal changes is much more complicated than if acne and acne developed due to poor hygiene. 

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