Different types of acne should be removed in different ways

Everyone knows that acne cannot be squeezed out. However, there are certain subtleties in how to get rid of different types of acne. 

White acne cannot be removed on its own. With this problem, it is better to contact a professional dermatologist. Otherwise, there is a high risk of getting an infection. If, as they say, the hands itch to do something on their own, then a solution of salicylic acid should be applied with a cotton swab to the affected skin. This tool will help in cleansing pores.

If it is necessary to mask such a skin rash, it is better to use a liquid tonal foundation. With oily skin, after applying the foundation, you can slightly powder your face.

But black acne is a completely different kind of skin rash. If you follow the rules of hygiene, you can get rid of such acne on your own, since a black pimple is just in most cases a sebaceous plug that clogs the skin pores. To eliminate such acne, you can use special strips. However, this tool does not give an ideal result. For a more effective result, you should steam out the skin with a warming compress. Then the black pimple is gently squeezed out with clean fingers. If the sebaceous plug does not come out when pressed, do not press the pimple harder, as this can injure the skin, leaving marks on it.

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