Beauty in the morning – everyone can do it

All women know how difficult it is to wake up in the morning beautiful. A rumpled face, bags under the eyes, a mess on the head – all this hardly adds to the attractiveness of appearance. Meanwhile, in order to wake up beautiful, you need to follow a few simple recommendations.

First, you need to spare no time for sleep. It’s better to go to bed early, since from early evening until about four in the morning, melatonin is actively produced in the skin, which protects the skin from aging.

Secondly, if there are rashes on the skin – acne or pimples – then before going to bed, you need to carefully apply a point remedy, and then apply a thin layer of caring night cream. An effective anti-inflammatory rash is a special zinc-based paste.

In order for the skin to be fresh and rested in the morning, a relaxing mask should be made before bedtime. Masks with a lifting effect are very well suited, as they activate the blood flow to the skin, which means its renewal.

One of the basic rules that provide beauty in the morning is relaxation before bedtime. For relaxation, it is helpful to take a warm bath with sea salt and relaxing essential oils before going to bed . By the way, after such a bath, anti-cellulite remedies will be much more effective. 

Finally, the last rule is to ensure that the skin retains moisture, since it is the normal level of moisture in the skin that provides it with tone, smoothness and grooming.

event_note April 7, 2020

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