Harm of cosmetics

An assortment of modern decorative cosmetics can please any woman striving for beauty and youth of her face and body. The choice of modern cosmetics is endless.

And, of course, the wider the range, the more difficult it becomes to choose exactly the means that we need.

Cosmetics are another woman’s tool to emphasize their originality and individuality.

In addition to haircuts and manicures, the competent use of decorative cosmetics can give any woman not only external attractiveness, but also self-confidence.

In fact, not every woman can correctly apply eyeshadow or perfectly make up her lips. But all this can be learned.

It is much more difficult to free oneself from imposed preconceptions about decorative cosmetics.

Older women constantly heard from their predecessors that natural attractiveness is much better, that decorative cosmetics harm the skin.

In fact, they, of course, were right in their own way: few would argue that natural attractiveness is better than decorative adornment of their appearance. But, unfortunately, not all women were endowed by nature with impeccable external data. And decorative cosmetics, accessible to all women without exception, to give the fair sex exactly that attractive appearance that others have by nature. The main thing in decorative cosmetics is its quality and how a woman knows how to use it.

Harm of cosmetics can be due to several factors. In addition, not only decorative cosmetics can harm the skin. Face masks, scrubs and peels, tonics and lotions can also harm the skin if their life has expired, or they were made from low-quality raw materials.

Makeup can also be harmful. But her task is to not only embellish her appearance, but also to protect the skin from the effects of aggressive external factors.

For example, ordinary mascara.

Even if a woman does not accept any other decorative cosmetics, she will still at least sometimes slightly tint her eyelashes. Mascara, if properly applied, can add volume to the eyelashes, stretch them in length, visually highlight the eyes against the background of the face. But besides the decorative effect, mascara should protect the eyes from sunlight, wind and dirt, and also nourish the eyelashes with useful substances. 

High-quality mascara always includes useful essential oils, vitamins and minerals. These substances make painted eyelashes soft, supple and velvety.

Since the ingredients that make up mascara are very important, when buying a mascara you should carefully look not only at the service life, but also at the components.

One of the main components of any mascara is wax. Wax can be mineral, animal or vegetable. Animal wax – lanolin – can cause severe allergies. This fact must be taken into account, especially if there is an allergy to this substance.

Makeup, which has long expired, can cause irreparable harm to the skin. A fashionable trend in cosmetics is natural decorative products. And everything would be fine, but natural cosmetics has a very short shelf life. Women, without taking this indication into account, use natural cream or scrub for a long time, and instead of beautiful skin they “make” acne and spots.

Professional cosmetologists advise not to use decorative cosmetics every day. In addition, regular washing with clean water is necessary, since no tonic or cleansing foam can properly cleanse the skin.

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