Why do acne appear on my face from cosmetics?

Sooner or later, girls doing daily makeup begin to notice that acne appears on their face with the same regularity with which they care for it. As a rule, the cause of acne on the face becomes cosmetics. In this article, we propose to consider the reasons why, in fact, more recently, safe cosmetics has become a source of problematic facial skin.  

1. Allergy to cosmetics . As a rule, an allergy is caused by cheap cosmetics of unknown manufacturers, which is cheap, therefore it is acquired much more often than any other. Trite compare how much decorative cosmetics of famous manufacturers in the inexpensive online store Pafums.ua, and unknowns that are sold at your local market. If your income level is limited, you will understand why girls are saving, significantly increasing the risk of allergies to cosmetics.   

An allergic reaction to cosmetics does not manifest itself as typical acne, but either by redness or by the appearance of acne with transparent contents – pus does not form in them until a bacterial infection has joined. The methodology for treating this allergy is simple – you need to throw out cosmetics, which has become a problem and buy a normal one.

2. Cosmetics used by another person . The breadth of the soul of our people is such that for the last time they will think about health risks than to transfer mascara or powder to their girlfriend. All this leads to the appearance of ordinary acne. This is due to objective circumstances. Firstly, with general cosmetics, you transfer a lot of microbes from the face of another person to your own. Each person has their own composition of microbes, which competing for life among themselves practically do not affect the health of the owner himself. By introducing microbes from the side, you disrupt this balance and the active reproduction of pathogenic microbes leads to damage to the skin of the face – acne. 

An even more severe case is the transfer of Demodex mites with mascara or a makeup brush. This tick lives on for many and does not cause problems, but its first settlement on the skin is always accompanied by the appearance of acne, and quite rough, which leave scars on the face after permission.

Acne on the face with demodicosis

3. You squeezed a pimple and covered it with makeup . This behavior can be considered typical, but also the most erroneous, which carries risks not only of the appearance of new acne, but can also be deadly. Naturally, prohibiting the use of cosmetics for acne on the face is wrong, as the girl should look perfect. But it should be understood that squeezing acne above the level of the upper lip is dangerous if the infection enters the sinuses of the brain through the venous paths, followed by their infection. Therefore, they need to be squeezed out skillfully, preferably before bedtime and after preliminary, subsequent cleaning of the face with some antiseptic – an aqueous solution of alcohol or a trite after shave, which most men have. After squeezing a pimple – go to bed, in the morning you will smear the residual effects with decorative cosmetics. 

4. Foundation as a cause of acne on the face . They cover up the residual effects of acne and other facial skin problems, as a rule, with foundation. It is often written that it is the foundation that causes acne. In fact, this is not so, if you use it not for years, but exactly as much as the manufacturer recommends and do not exceed the shelf life – there will be no problems. Before squeezing the cream out of the tube, be sure to wash your hands so as not to infect the remaining cream. Naturally, the cream should be from a trusted manufacturer and approved for use by dermatologists. 

5. Frequent or rare washing of the face causes acne on the face . Yes, indeed, if you wash your face more than once a day, you will get an acne problem for exactly the same reason that we described in the first paragraph of the reasons for this article. Frequent washing of the face leads to an imbalance in the microbes on the skin, which constantly live on it and you have acne. If you rarely wash your face and you have oily skin, you will also get problems, since pores clogged by the keratinous layer of the skin become an excellent breeding ground for microbes and cause acne due to excess concentration. 

6. Change makeup regularly . Unfortunately, limited financial opportunities often cause acne. The use of cosmetics before its end always leads to its increased infection with bacteria. Therefore, regularly change makeup even if it has not yet ended at least as indicated by the manufacturer on the packaging. Many online cosmetics stores provide discounts on their products, so you will have the opportunity to purchase the right one at a good price. 

7. Change your bedding regularly . If you change bedding less than once a week and get a dirty face a couple of times, you will get acne problems. The reasons are commonplace – the bed is gradually replenished with a keratinized layer of your skin with your own microbes, which, when reaching a dangerous concentration, lead to the development of acne. 

8. You have long hair and oily skin . This combination is becoming a huge problem. Girls do not like to wash long hair daily, this leads to their contamination with cosmetics, and in case of oily skin and its keratinized layer. Thus, hair becomes a source of infection and leads to the appearance of acne. The tactics in this case are simple – either wash your hair daily or cut them. 

Here are all the reasons due to which acne appears on the face from cosmetics . On many sites, bloggers without any medical knowledge write about studying the composition of cosmetics, its selection for your face, etc. – these are all the misconceptions of the poor. You just need to purchase cosmetics that are allowed by dermatological studies, as a result, is safe for your skin. All other reasons are described by us above.

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