Acne – how to clean your face

Now much has been written that in the treatment of acne cleansers play an important role – lotions, scrubs, various cleansers, etc. Many manufacturers of acne medications recommend that the skin be cleaned of cosmetics and dirt in general before using medical preparations. So the manufacturers write. At us – consumers of acne products, opinions differ. Some believe that facial cleansing before using acne medications is necessary, while others believe the opposite. The first and second have their own arguments for this, but we will not talk about them yet. We will only say that not all cleansers are the same both in terms of composition and effectiveness, and most importantly, the likely side effects. Therefore, it is very important in the treatment of acne to choose a cleanser that did not cause    skin irritations often leading to dermatitis about the symptoms of which we read a lot in the reviews that send us.

A particularly large number of reviews of the side effects caused by various acne medications we receive from people who use drugs with chemical ingredients. As a rule, these are skin irritations, rashes, an increase in the number of acne, burns, dermatitis and the ineffectiveness of drugs in general. Just because of the side effects, many people stop acne treatment and think that using strong chemical acne remedies is not a panacea for their treatment. Quite the contrary, their use very often exacerbates the disease. Moreover, after using chemicals for acne, their further treatment is complicated.

As for the cleansing agents that can cleanse the skin before using acne medications, there are very few effective, namely cleansers that do not contain skin-irritating ingredients. Most of these are cleaning products that contain a large amount of alcohol (usually denatured alcohol ), rarely essential oils, and even less often surfactants, etc. Perhaps the most harmful cleaning products for acne-prone skin include scrubs, soap, or pure alcohol. You must keep this in mind when choosing an acne cleanser. The above substances cause a feeling of cleanliness, but as a rule they strongly tighten and dry the skin, cause redness, itching, peeling of the skin, gradually destroying the skin barrier and often contributing to a number of side effects.   

A good way to avoid irritation is to use a non-comedogenic moisturizer. The use of such funds will necessarily reduce irritation. The best way to avoid side effects in treating acne is to use cleansers with natural ingredients. The use of all kinds of home – folk remedies for facial skin cleansing. Folk remedies for both acne and skin cleansing do not have side effects and are more effective. The composition of folk remedies for acne usually includes only natural ingredients. 

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