How to get rid of acne?

Youth is a cheerful time of romantic expectations and happy hopes. How nice and fresh are gentle graceful girls, how beautiful are ardent, handsome young men! 

But, unfortunately, for many of them this golden time is overshadowed by the ongoing struggle with the insidious enemies of booming beauty – acne and eels. 

Acne – who is to blame? 

The culprits of such an unpleasant problem are the sebaceous glands, or rather , their increased activity, which is associated with puberty, with the hot season, with hormonal changes. 

The excess secreted sebum clogs the pores and form “plugs” that interfere with the normal functioning of the sebaceous glands. Bacteria begin to multiply in each problematic clogged follicle, inflammation develops and an abscess appears – an acne that sometimes reaches impressive size and gives the owner a lot of trouble: from an unpresentable appearance to very uncomfortable pain. 

But the most unpleasant thing is that even after the inflammation goes away, scars sometimes remain on the skin, especially after not very successful attempts to squeeze out an unbearably disturbing pimple on its own. It can be quite difficult to get rid of such scars, sometimes they remain on the skin for life. 

What to do?

Unfortunately, for people with oily skin, even with the most careful care, it is very difficult to completely eliminate the occurrence of acne. However, some simple rules will help minimize them:

1. Especially carefully keep clean personal hygiene products (pillowcases, towels, etc.), since bacteria from dirty laundry surprisingly actively and productively provoke inflammation on the skin. 2. Never squeeze acne yourself. In addition to the fact that improper manipulations leave unaesthetic scars on your skin, this immediately causes new foci of inflammation and the spread of infection when pus enters the area of ​​healthy skin. 3. Choose products with the most light texture for decorative makeup. Whenever possible, try to avoid the use of concealers and blush. 4. Be sure to wash off your makeup for the night! 5. Use special cosmetics for problem skin. 6. Reduce the amount of fatty foods, consume more clean water, herbs, fresh vegetables and fruits. 

Express Tools

Today, there are many remedies that can help relieve annoying inflammation efficiently and quickly.

As a rule, a cream of this kind includes azelaic or salicylic acid, which has a drying and antiseptic effect. Among the most popular brands are Skinoren, Clearasil. 

Recently, a new practical tool for the rapid treatment of acne appeared on the shelves of pharmacies – “Extraplast Beauty” hydrocolloid acne patches.  

These patches are small circles (12 mm in diameter) with a hydrocolloid layer applied to them, which are glued directly to the site of inflammation. The hydrocolloid layer adsorbs pus contained in the pimple, “pulling” it to the surface of the skin and creates a special environment that prevents the growth of bacteria and promotes rapid regeneration of the skin.

This helps not only to eliminate inflammation, but also to prevent the formation of scars (patches are effective even if you accidentally “picked up” an acne). Extraplast Beauty is almost invisible on the skin – they can be used both at night and during the day (slightly masked with a foundation on top). 

Of course, express agents are good when it is necessary to eliminate local formations. If we are talking about severe forms of acne – alas, such a problem cannot be solved in one day. This requires an integrated approach, associated not only with the use of special cosmetics, but also with a change in lifestyle and diet. It is also advisable to undergo treatment if acne is a consequence of the disease. 

However, as an emergency aid for the emergency elimination of inflammation and redness in the most visible place, which suddenly overshadowed a happy life, the convenient “Extraplast Beauty” patches are a great effective option.

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