How to get rid of acne on the face? My experience

I never thought that such a trifle as acne can so worsen a person’s life. But when I encountered the problem of rashes in person, my condition seemed to me a real drama.

Therefore, today I decided to share my secrets, because I have been fighting for clean skin since 2008, having lost many battles and battles.

I will not describe in detail all my attempts to improve the condition of the face, I will list only the main ones that did not bring any significant results 

  • darsonval;
  • plant hormones;
  • masks from podisorb, clay, tea tree oil, salicylic ointment, etc .;
  • talkers, badiagi, garlic and other vegetation;
  • veterinary ointment “Yam”;
  • “Bepanten plus”, “Metrogil” , etc. – I’m probably not going to list all the pharmacy and mass market remedies for acne;  
  • long-term refusals from coffee, tea, chocolate, sugar, milk and dairy products , etc. 

Some of these measures helped a lot in healing acne that was already visible or formed. But to stop the appearance of rashes did not work.

After the birth of the baby, the skin condition became critical. Many funds have become banned for use. I have practically no photographs of that time, since the desire to be photographed was gone, it seemed, irrevocably. In addition to the terrible appearance, acne became very painful, it was difficult to touch the chin. I was desperate.

Without much hope, but just so as not to be inactive, I decided to try another refusal to use certain products, and the choice fell on flour 

The result was like a miracle: a week later I felt that there were almost no new rashes. After a month, the skin was leveled and transformed. For me, this was a breakthrough from a series of useless searches.

After a year, by the method of tests and observations, I determined that the rashes on my skin are provoked not by flour, as it seemed to me earlier, but by margarine, or rather, a number of vegetable fats. 

Now I know that almost all baked goods bought have palm oil, refined hydrogenated fats. In mayonnaise, ketchup, cheese, fast food, ice cream – locust bean gum, a number of emulsifiers and stabilizers that provoke the appearance of acne. 

At the moment, carefully reading the composition of the products and choosing the most harmless, I have achieved a good condition of my skin, have refused the constant use of drying cosmetics from acne. 

  • So, in my diet against acne on my face, I said a categorical “no” to trans fats: margarine, palm oil, confectionery fats, all refined, deodorized vegetable fats in natural and modified form.  

The leading foods for trans fats are pastries and sweets. Therefore, to determine how my experience is suitable for solving your skin problems, try giving up flour and sweets for a few weeks. If the result is noticeable , you are on the right track.   

Good luck!

event_note November 21, 2019

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