Acne How to psychologically prepare for life with them?

Surely you feel uncomfortable when they look at you as an exhibit, evaluate it from top to bottom. If nature has “awarded” you acne, do not take yourself for another person. You are the same as everyone. Do not take this problem so seriously. No need to imagine that others consider you scary. 

Have you noticed that some people with more serious body defects feel comfortable and always positive in this world? And nothing bothers them. In fact, it’s all about confidence. It doesn’t matter with your face, the main thing is confidence. And the ability to relate normally to criticism of others. 

Insecurity must be fought, then acne treatment will be less painful. In addition , excessive stress about worrying about what they think of you also causes acne. Such a vicious circle. 

So, what to do to become more confident? 

Rule 1.
When a person examines you, forget that he is looking at your acne! He does not need them. He evaluates you completely. Most likely, he will pay attention to another feature that draws your attention, for example, beautiful eyes. Confidently look into the eyes of a person, smile, create your own image in your head – attractive and charming. It often happens that we escalate the situation, inspire for ourselves that which is not there, and the ideas do not coincide with real life. 

Rule 2.
Do not lock yourself. Usually, people with skin problems become too tight in themselves, on acne. Lead the same lifestyle as you did when there were no acne. Be active, communicate with people, learn, help people and animals. Do not forget that you are the same as the rest, acne is not a sentence. If you are a good person, and not a self-contained cloud , no one will pay attention to skin disease.    

Rule 3.
Cosmetics, although harmful to diseased skin, should not be neglected. Get a special foundation and powder for skin with acne and learn how to apply them correctly. They will immediately make your image better, which will help you feel more comfortable in society.

Rule 4.
Be sure to go to the hospital, to a dermatologist. Acne does not always turn out to be acne. Perhaps this is another disease. Ask for tips on skin care, maybe you need some procedures that cosmetologists do. Going to the doctor is one of the steps to treating your problem. Do not make the diagnosis yourself, as you can also harm yourself. 

Rule 5.
Do not seek solace in bad habits, whether it is drugs or surfing the Internet or at the computer 24 hours a day. This will definitely not solve the problem. The more people spend time living on the Web, the more unhappy they are. And internal discomfort, as already mentioned, leads to an increase in the number of acne. Accept reality as it is. Acne should not put an end to your life. This is just another test to pass. Rejoice at life!

Rule 6.
The simplest, but at the same time the most difficult. Just try not to notice the problems on your face. Try not to think about them. But at the same time, do not forget about the treatment. Acne itself will not go away.  

Remember the golden rule that how you relate to people, so they are to you. Be positive and radiate happiness, and everything will be fine with you!

event_note November 18, 2019

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