Acne on the head: causes, treatment methods

Acne appears on the scalp as unexpectedly and at the wrong time, as on other parts of the body. Such a nuisance can happen to a person at any age, causing a lot of inconvenience. Such rashes cause peeling of the skin, pain, itching, there are even cases of baldness. In addition to the unpleasant physiological symptoms listed above, acne on the head has a very unaesthetic appearance, which cannot but affect the psychological comfort of a person and his mood.  

Causes of Acne on the Head

Factors that provoke the appearance of acne on the scalp under the hair are:

– violation of the hormonal background in the body (in adolescents, pregnant women, girls during menstruation, etc.);

– violation of the functions of any internal organ or system;

– improper care of the scalp, non-compliance with the simplest rules of personal hygiene;

– the production of excess sebum – the fat mass is mixed with dirt, which entails the development of pathogenic microflora, which penetrates the hair bulb and causes its inflammation;

– from experienced stress, acne on the head can appear suddenly and very quickly, within a few hours;  

– an allergic reaction to body care products, food, medications;

– Demodecosis is a disease that is caused by the presence in the body of a demodex tick living in the sebaceous glands of a person;

– Drafts – the so-called colds.

Treatment is recommended to be started as soon as acne has been detected. In this case, it is impossible to squeeze them out, in any case, you can bring an infection. If, after visiting a doctor, passing all the necessary tests and a full medical examination, the disease of the internal organs was excluded, in the fight against acne on the scalp, alternative methods of treatment can be used.

Best folk techniques

To get rid of acne quickly, safely and painlessly, you can thoroughly wash and dry your head, then apply a little antibacterial ointment. If there are large purulent acne among the rash, you can apply a bandage with Vishnevsky ointment to them. It should be remembered that this ointment destroys the abscess, pulling the pus out, therefore, a scar from the healed wound may remain on the skin.

To combat acne on the head, creams and ointments with a high sulfur content can be used. This natural component perfectly dries the skin, relieves itching and inflammation. It is recommended to make hot salt baths, again with sulfur content, the temperature of which should not exceed 40 ° C.

After washing, it is recommended to rinse the hair and scalp with a solution of apple cider vinegar. This procedure will help normalize the fat balance of the skin and cleanse the pores. A very good acne preventative is to treat the skin with tea tree oil. Such procedures help cleanse the pores of the skin and reduce the inflammatory process. Due to its antibacterial and antiseptic properties, tea tree oil also promotes wound healing.

If you cleanse the body of toxins and establish the intestines (cure dysbiosis), acne on the head pretty quickly disappear by itself. Such treatment is due to the fact that both beneficial and harmful bacteria live in the intestines . With an increase in the level of beneficial bacteria, immunity increases, the body’s overall resistance improves, and the inflammatory processes on the skin stop.  

It is important in this situation to lead a healthy lifestyle. It is necessary to remember when treating acne on the head and about proper nutrition. It is necessary to include as many vegetables, fruits, fruits and greens rich in plant fiber as possible in the diet. It is advisable to eat cereals, whole grain bread, dairy products every day.

If the above methods do not help, the doctor may prescribe a course of taking special medications.

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