What do we know about cryogenic massage?

The essence of cryomassage is the effect on the skin of low temperatures. This procedure is gaining popularity due to its positive result, effect, safety and simplicity. The healing effect of cold on the human body is proven by science. Everyone wants to stay young as long as possible, to maintain skin elasticity, its elasticity.

But not everyone can afford to regularly use the services of a cosmetologist. But there is a way out. In a beauty parlor, cryomassage is performed using liquid nitrogen. At home, it is not possible to use this substance. Then ordinary ice comes to the rescue. It can be easily cooked in the freezer.

The beneficial effect of home cryomassage

The effect of using ice is about the same as using liquid nitrogen. Although the severity of the results is somewhat lower. Exposure to the skin with ice enhances local immunity, restores skin turgor, and reduces inflammation. The renewal of epidermal cells occurs faster, rejuvenation occurs. With acne and allergic rashes, ice reduces pain, itching, discomfort, redness decreases.

Small wounds and microcracks due to cold heal faster. This is achieved due to the fact that under the influence of low temperatures, harmful microbes, bacteria that live in one amount or another on the skin, especially in vulnerable areas, die.

There is evidence that when exposed to ice, the internal forces of the body begin to fight the cold, actively generating heat. This leads to an improvement in metabolic processes, in some cases there is a slight weight loss. Thus, with the help of cryomassage, you can not only improve your health, but also give the body harmony, clarity of silhouette.

But here an important role is played by the area of ​​the procedure, ability, strict adherence to technology. If everything is done correctly, then the effect can be felt after the second or third session. Given that ice cryomassage is best done three times a week, you will see the result in seven days.

Ice Cream Recipes

You may ask what is there to discuss at all. Pour water into an ice mold and put in a freezer, which can be simpler. But here there are some nuances. Firstly, not every water is suitable for this. Secondly, there are ways in which you can make the procedure even more effective and direct it to achieve specific goals.

Tap water is not suitable for cryomassage. Its chemical composition is not the best. Non-carbonated mineral water is recommended. Spring is also suitable. To give the future ice additional healing properties, decoctions of various herbs, plant sap, vegetables, etc. are added to the water. Do not worry, this will not affect the effectiveness of cold exposure.

For dry skin prone to peeling, use cosmetic ice with cucumber, apple or grape juice. You can do even easier and not make ice. Just chop the pulp of vegetables and fruits into cubes or thick cubes and freeze. Even for dry skin, ice cubes from avocado are suitable.

For oily skin, the best solution is ice with the addition of lemon juice, lime, grapefruit. These citrus fruits break down fat well, remove it from the surface of the skin, regulate the functioning of the sebaceous glands, slowing down the secretion of fat. For the same purpose, you can take the flesh of wild strawberries or garden strawberries. Plants such as plantain, celandine, and thyme have a drying effect. Their broth can be used to make ice.

Effectively affect problem areas, acne, acne with ice with the addition of baking soda, iodine, tomato juice, sweet pepper, onion. A good option is to use a decoction of parsley or celery. These plants have anti-inflammatory effects, relieve itching, redness, and are rich in vitamins and minerals.

Alternatively, a tablet of a vitamin-mineral complex can be dissolved in water. Ice on this basis nourishes the skin well. But you must understand that any new substance, whether it is a decoction of plants or a tablet, may not suit you. Some people may be allergic to certain components. Therefore, they must be used with caution. If you experience unpleasant sensations during cryomassage, it is better to stop the procedure. And next time, return to the classic ice without additives.

The technique of cryotherapy at home

The technique of carrying out such a procedure using ice should not cause any difficulties. Everything is done very simply. Take an ice cube and rub it on your skin. It is not recommended to do massage on the upper eyelids. The movements must be confident, and their speed optimal. That is, you should feel the cold, but not feel the chilling discomfort.

Perform all movements along the massage lines, especially when it comes to the face. The duration of cryomassage with ice is on average 10 minutes. For the study of the face will be enough and 5-7 minutes. After the treatment session, the skin should be wiped dry with a towel and apply a nourishing cream.


Even such a safe-looking procedure has a number of contraindications. The list below is relevant for a home professional cryomassage using nitrogen and for home based on ice.

  • Acute infectious diseases, chronic diseases during exacerbation.
  • Open wounds. With minor scratches, the procedure is possible, but it all depends on the situation.
  • Cold allergy.
  • Pustules, rash of unknown origin.
  • Epilepsy. Active exposure to cold can trigger an attack.
  • Frequent migraines. Cold also affects the nervous system, can cause a headache.

Remember that cryomassage will bring a positive effect only if you comply with all the necessary requirements for its implementation, carefully consider contraindications. Be young, beautiful and full of energy!

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