Cryomassage – exposure to cold

Cryomassage is a cryotherapy method consisting in the effect of cold on human skin. More often the procedure is performed on the face, although they can do it on other parts of the body. This method is used as a rejuvenating, firming skin.

In beauty salons, cryomassage is quite popular both as an independent procedure and in combination with other anti-aging agents. If desired, cryomassage can be carried out independently at home, it will also be effective.

Principle of operation

For the procedure, a low-temperature reagent is used: liquid nitrogen, ice. When exposed to the skin of this substance, the body begins to actively defend itself from it. That is, local stimulation of the immune system occurs.

The body blocks pain receptors, relieves spasms of small arteries, their diameter decreases. Because of this, the blood flow in the affected area slows down, the flow of oxygen to the tissues is reduced several times. This, in turn, leads to the fact that metabolic processes slow down, their intensity decreases. Thus, decay products are reduced, substances that contribute to the development of inflammatory processes and pain accumulate more slowly. The normal work of the sebaceous glands is being established, the skin does not dry out, but it does not fade too quickly.

After the procedure, the reverse process occurs. Within a few hours, muscle fibers relax, blood flow accelerates, oxygen begins to penetrate actively into tissues, and all nutrients are rapidly absorbed. Visually, you can observe at the beginning of the procedure how the skin turns pale, and after its completion begins to turn red, you can feel a slight flushing of the skin. The body produces immunoglobulin, which helps strengthen immunity and tissue regeneration.

Cryomassage has earned itself fame and popularity due to its safety, which goes well with quality and efficiency. It is also pleasant that the result is achieved in a natural, physiological way, that is, without the use of medical preparations or the application of chemical compounds. The procedure is carried out quickly, which means that it does not tire the client.

Indications for use

You can come to cryomassage for preventive purposes. But this procedure can also have a therapeutic effect. A positive result of treatment in this way can be obtained with various cosmetic problems.

  • It relieves small wrinkles and significantly reduces large facial expressions. This effect is achieved by increasing muscle tone, improving skin elasticity.
  • If the skin is uneven, slight swelling is noticeable, then cryomassage will help to cope with this. Eliminates small age spots and infiltrates. Will give an effect in the case of swelling of the lower eyelids and bruises under the eyes.
  • Indications for use will be acne and acne. With the help of such a frosty massage, microbes that cause inflammation are killed. The protective properties of the body are activated, blood circulation and tissue regeneration improves.
  • Cryomassage relieves inflammation associated with allergies, various non-infectious dermatitis.
  • The procedure helps to narrow the pores, normalize the sebaceous glands. Helps with oily skin and its dryness, seborrhea. Kills a parasitic microscopic tick that lives in hair follicles, sebaceous glands. The presence of such symptoms as the appearance of a rash, itching of the skin, seborrhea, redness of the skin may indicate its presence .
  • Cryomassage contributes to the destruction of papillomas.
  • The procedure is carried out on the head. In this case, it will help get rid of problems such as baldness and severe hair loss, seborrhea of ​​the scalp, and dandruff. There is a stimulation of growth and development of the root, bulbous system of hair. Blood circulation and oxygen supply improves, nutrients are quickly absorbed and absorbed. The regularity of the use of such massage promotes the growth of healthy hair, filled with shine, vitality, volume. Over time, the problem of split ends comes to naught.

• The second method is used to massage non-hairy areas of the skin. In this case, the cosmetologist uses a special cryodestructor apparatus that sprays liquid nitrogen. Depending on the nozzles, the distribution force of the substance, the spraying rate, change. Dosing of liquid nitrogen is necessary to achieve the maximum positive effect, depending on the problem being worked out, the age of the client. The substance is sprayed within a few minutes, often two or three is enough to develop a skin area of ​​1 dm².

After the procedure is completed, a nourishing cream is applied to the skin. Cryomassage accelerates the absorption and assimilation of all nutrients. Therefore, the immediately following care procedure will be much more effective.

Cryomassage of the scalp is performed along the parting. The applicator with a cotton swab is moistened in liquid nitrogen and carried out over the parting in close proximity to the skin, but without touching it. So they work through each parting, it takes about 15 minutes. With baldness, intermittent exposure to nitrogen is possible.

At home, cryomassage can only be done with ice. Before the procedure, consult with a therapist or cosmetologist about the possibility of carrying out this procedure, because it has a number of contraindications. The recommended number of sessions is from 10 to 15.

To achieve a positive, noticeable result, the frequency of cryomassage is also important. It is best to spend 2 to 3 sessions per week.

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