What are the rashes on the face

A malfunction in the various organs and systems of the human body is usually indicated by many symptoms. So, health problems, as a rule, provoke the appearance of cosmetic imperfections, such as rashes on the face. According to experienced specialists, the localization of acne depends on the disease that the patient suffers from. A unique map of skin rashes will help to tell about the presence of various diseases.
Rash in the T-zone and on the nose
The skin of the T-zone and nose, has an increased sensitivity to the slightest changes that occur with the composition of the blood. The appearance of acne in this area indicates a lack of liver function or such violations in the diet. In this case, the liver ceases to cope with the purification of blood from toxic substances.
In this case, consulting a doctor is not enough, the patient needs a correction of the diet. In addition, you must abandon fried foods, and give preference to dishes cooked in steam or in the oven. Also, the daily diet should be mineral waters, fruit and herbal gulls.
Rashes on the forehead
If a rash appears along the hairline, this often indicates a malfunction of the gallbladder. Acne around the eyebrows can appear with problems with the intestines. Both of these problems are primarily due to excessive addiction to sweets, as well as spicy, fatty and fried foods. If acne on the surface of the forehead appears regularly, then you must immediately make an appointment with a gastroenterologist. You must also abandon fast food, muffins, canned goods, soda water and smoked meats.
Sometimes a rash on the forehead appears due to certain medications. Patients who suffer from chronic diseases and regularly use medicines should consult with a specialist if such cosmetic flaws appear in order to replace the drugs they take with other analogues.
Acne on the cheeks A
rash on these parts of the face appears in patients who suffer from pathologies of the respiratory system, as well as in heavy smokers. There are times when this problem is exacerbated: pimples appear both on the cheeks and on the skin of the upper chest and back.
Patients should remember that lung diseases progress quite quickly. In this case, the slightest delay can cause harm to human health. An urgent need to do a fluorogram and go to an appointment with a pulmonologist.
A rash under the eyes and cheekbones A
rash on the cheekbones can indicate a violation of the kidneys and even that an inflammatory process is occurring in them. Although it may not be so dangerous. Such problems with the skin of the face can also occur due to stress, constant lack of sleep and fatigue.
In this situation, it will not be amiss to consult with a nephrologist, as well as follow a diet saturated with vegetable dishes, herbs, fruits. It is very important during this period not to reduce the amount of fluid consumed (mineral or ordinary drinking water, teas with a moderate diuretic effect).
Acne on the lower part of the face – lips and chin.
Rashes on the lips indicate a violation of the gastrointestinal tract. They appear due to the absence in the diet of foods with a high fiber content: cereals, vegetables of the pumpkin family, root crops, whole grain bread. At the initial stage, the development of certain diseases can be stopped with the help of a proper diet and moderate physical activity.
A rash on the chin in women usually appears with hormonal malfunctions or reproductive pathologies. Stressful situations and fatigue only exacerbate this problem.
The appearance of acne on the skin of the face, back, chest, shoulders is often not limited only to the dermatological nature, and they can not be dealt with using cosmetics. If rashes appear regularly, then this is worth considering and in no case should be ignored. To avoid the appearance of serious pathologies, you need to contact a specialist and undergo an appropriate examination. Only after getting rid of the main ailment it will be possible to forget about cosmetic defects.

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