Treatment of psoriasis with folk remedies – effective or dangerous?

The treatment of psoriasis with folk remedies has many features, since each person has a disease in its own way. Despite the fact that some home methods are recognized by official medicine, this does not mean that they are completely safe and effective for every patient. In reality, the situation with the use of folk remedies is somewhat more complicated. And everyone who lives with a diagnosis of psoriasis should know about this.

Alternative methods of treatment of psoriasis

There are various folk remedies that are used to treat psoriasis at home:

  1. Alcohol tinctures, herbal decoctions, creams and ointments from natural products, therapeutic baths using herbal decoctions, soda and other ingredients, compresses using medicinal compositions.
  2. A special place in the treatment of skin psoriasis with folk remedies is given to beekeeping products, in particular, propolis. It is used to prepare ointments, which are then applied to the skin or used as compresses.
  3. Of the herbs for psoriasis, they often resort to the use of: elecampane, St. John’s wort, chamomile, yarrow, succession, nettle.
  4. Often you can find recipes using therapeutic mud: Tambukan , Saki silt, Anapa sulfide, Dead Sea mud. They are applied not only to the foci of inflammation, but also to the entire skin, since it is believed that the mud has a beneficial effect on all skin integuments.
  5. Even among folk recipes for the treatment of psoriasis, there are often remedies using oats. A decoction is prepared from it, which is then taken orally or used externally to treat the affected areas.

What is the danger of folk recipes for psoriasis

Even the most effective home remedies for psoriasis can be dangerous. The main reason is that home remedy therapy is carried out without medical supervision, is dangerous and fraught with consequences. Some of these treatments may be irreparable.

Any drug has a dual effect: at the right dose, it has a therapeutic effect, and when used improperly and in an inaccurate dosing regimen, it can cause adverse reactions.

For this reason, the doctor prescribes certain drugs, taking into account its beneficial and possible negative effects. Moreover, even in this case, due to individuality, the body may not react in the way the specialist expected. But here the patient is under the control of a doctor who can correct the course.

In self-treatment, a person prescribes certain means for himself, which poses a great danger to his health. It may be as follows:

  • Inefficiency. Mechanisms for the development of psoriasis can be different. In some cases, the pathological process triggers stress, in others – a weakening of the immune system, in others – hormonal disruptions. For this reason, remedies that are effective for one patient may be ineffective and even dangerous for another.
  • Incompatibility of funds. Some ingredients that are included in different recipes may not be compatible with each other. The result will be not only the ineffectiveness of treatment, but also side effects that can only aggravate the condition.
  • Allergic reaction. A common side effect of self-medication for almost any disease. Moreover, it can arise not only from the use of products that act as allergens. Perhaps the patient has an intolerance to a particular product, which ultimately leads to allergies. It, in turn, only worsens the condition and provokes an exacerbation of the disease.
  • Lack of understanding of your condition. A person who refuses to visit a doctor and engages in self-medication is completely unaware of how his illness is proceeding.

Why you should not be treated with folk remedies

There can be many reasons why people resort to treatment with folk remedies:

  • lack of confidence in the health care system;
  • medicines prescribed by a doctor are too expensive;
  • no time for examination and going to the doctor;
  • advice from relatives and friends who have been helped by this or that remedy.

All this is true for psoriasis. But regardless of the cause, the result is often the same – the disease worsens, relapses become more frequent, and the patient’s overall quality of life becomes worse. Therefore, alternative methods of treating psoriasis should in no case replace the main therapy, which can only be selected by a doctor who takes into account the results of the diagnosis.

This is rational from the point of view of not only health, but also finances, since the costs will be for treatment that is prescribed taking into account individual characteristics and has the highest effectiveness.

A safe alternative to traditional psoriasis treatments

Clinic ” PsorMak ” recommends avoiding the use of folk remedies. For effective treatment, you should visit our specialist by making an appointment at a convenient time.

We offer the safest psoriasis treatment regimens that take into account not only the possible causes of the disease, but also the individual characteristics of its course in a particular patient. Complex therapy includes:

  • individually designed diet;
  • advice on lifestyle and skin care;
  • the use of non-hormonal ointment (developed according to the author’s recipe and has been successfully used for more than 25 years);
  • acupuncture and hirudotherapy for general health promotion;
  • psychotherapy to eliminate the psychological causes of the disease.

Our treatment course affects all areas of human life, which allows us to achieve long-term remission and a significant improvement in the quality of life.

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