How to quickly cure psoriasis at home

Psoriasis is a systemic disease that causes serious personal discomfort. The nature of the pathology is not fully understood. Not only the skin is involved in the general process, internal organs also suffer. How to treat psoriasis at home, alleviate your condition and minimize the amount of rashes, is of interest to many patients.

Principles of home therapy

Since the disease has existed for a long time, traditional medicine offers many recipes for dealing with pathology. Because it is completely incurable, all therapy is aimed at alleviating the condition and reducing external manifestations.

Treatment of psoriasis with home remedies for external use involves the following drugs:

  • homemade creams with the addition of extracts and plant extracts;
  • various herbal tinctures and decoctions, which are used in the form of lotions;
  • lotions with aloe juice;
  • medical tar (most often it is added to the bath);
  • therapeutic baths with the addition of sea salt, herbal preparations, needles, celandine, ordinary baking soda, etc .;
  • decoction or tincture of birch fungus chaga;
  • taking honey with propolis inside;
  • masks from olive oil and snake mountaineer, and for psoriasis of the scalp – masks from sea buckthorn or mustard oil.

herbal baths to treat psoriasis at home . Their basis is decoctions from such plants as laurel, medicinal soapwort, bedstraw, juniper, creeping clover. Decoctions are used not only for preparing a bath, but also for washing the affected areas and compresses.

To moisturize and nourish the affected skin, ointments based on beeswax, almond oil, and lard are used.

If psoriasis is observed on the scalp, the use of special shampoos with the addition of extracts of sage, horsetail, pine buds, valerian leaves and roots is recommended.

At home, celandine herb tincture helps to treat psoriasis on the nails. Regular processing of the plate relieves the severity of symptoms.

Systemic therapy

A special diet is effective, excluding foods that provoke an exacerbation. These include chocolate, citrus fruits, canned food, marinades, fried and smoked foods. Traditional medicine recommends not neglecting vitamin complexes and preparations containing zinc and magnesium. Add foods rich in vitamins A and E to your diet.

Many hope to quickly cure psoriasis at home. Often patients traditional methods of therapy seem safer and harmless. However, do not forget that herbs can cause individual allergic reactions, so such drugs must be used with extreme caution. Ointments based on various chemicals also require attention and a preliminary test, because they can cause dangerous chemical skin lesions. Therefore, the safety of these methods is relative.

At best, during home treatment, the patient manages to achieve temporary relief, after which a more severe relapse occurs.

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