Strategy for defeating acne

Small pimples on the face and body are common causes of many problems and complexes. Dealing with them is not easy, but possible. But this requires a comprehensive and correct approach.


The cause of acne can be hormonal disorders, hyperkeratosis (increased keratinization of the inner part of the sebaceous gland canals, as a result of which dead skin cells accumulate on its surface and clog the pore. The result is inflammation), sebaceous gland cysts (milia, or whiteheads). And also: increased skin pollution, digestive disorders and other diseases, vitamin deficiency, stress, poor ecology, heredity. Often acne occurs when using cosmetics of poor quality or not suitable for the type of skin.

A good beautician can determine the cause of the rash. For example, pimples on the forehead will indicate problems with the stomach, on the temples and cheeks – with the biliary system, under the cheekbones – with the small intestine, on the nose – with the intestines, on the chin – discomfort with the endocrine system.

The fight “from within”

Some believe that if bacteria provoke the appearance of urgei, then antibiotics can fight them. However, their uncontrolled intake will provoke dysbiosis or even increase acne.

A radical method such as taking hormone pills can help control the level of hormones responsible for excess fat. But you can’t start drinking these drugs, based only on the advice of friends and rumors – they seriously interfere with the body, therefore they can only be prescribed by a doctor after analysis and subject to constant medical supervision.

Another not indisputable way is diet. But before, cosmetologists unanimously forbade eating chocolate, spicy and fried, as well as drinking champagne, but today experts unanimously say that acne is a hormonal disease and it is impossible to influence it with a diet. If, after eating a bar of chocolate, rashes appear on the skin, then this is an allergy to chocolate, not acne.

Of course, the right selection of products improves complexion and overall well-being. If canned food, smoked meats, effervescent drinks, fatty and fried foods are excluded from the diet and the share of cereals, vegetables, fruits, fish and lean boiled meat is increased, then after two or three weeks the skin will become more fresh and even. And this can somewhat compensate for all kinds of “minor problems”.


Acne is not only a hormonal imbalance, but also a cosmetic defect, so you can not do without external exposure. The most radical way to treat blackheads has long been considered cleansing. Nowadays, all cosmetologists are divided into ardent supporters and opponents of this procedure.

Give me a purge!

Proponents believe
that acne – as a potential focus of inflammation – should be regularly removed. Of course, not every day, and not with dirty hands on an uncleaned face, but carefully, once a month in a beauty salon. When cleaning, beauticians use a special spoon with holes, a metal loop or remove blackheads manually.

Unfortunately, everyone is familiar with a situation where fingers strive to squeeze out a nasty pimple themselves, without waiting for a visit to a cosmetologist. To do this as harmless as possible for the body, you must follow a few rules:

To soften the cleansed skin with a steam bath or warm compresses from a decoction of chamomile or 3% hydrogen peroxide.

Nails should be short cut and fingers wrapped in a clean cloth.

If it was not possible to squeeze out the eel easily, then it is better to leave it alone. When you try again, you can damage the surrounding tissue, resulting in a scar. You should not touch the inflamed, painful acne (infection can be spread).

After cleaning, the blackhead removal area is wiped with a disinfectant tonic.

Then a tightening mask is applied.

Cleaning is not done a week before, as well as during menstruation.

Vacuum cleaning has become a new word in blackhead removal, but it can only be done in the cabin,
usually combining it with a manual one.

For deep cleansing of pores, there are special plasters. The patch is glued onto cleansed, moist skin and after 10 minutes it peels off, taking with it the majority of blackheads and impurities, as well as visually leveling the skin (Nivea, Elyzabeth Arden). Such funds can not be glued to inflamed acne – this will only worsen the matter.

Down with the purge!

Opponents of the purge motivate their rejection by the fact that:

With it, a rather large surface of the skin is processed, as a result of which the face turns red and swells for a couple of days. The cleaning effect lasts for about a week, so the results of this procedure can be enjoyed only for two or three days. In addition, an inept cosmetologist or own “crooked” pens can provoke the formation of small round scars, similar to enlarged pores.

Due to steaming, the skin is dehydrated and becomes more fragile, and the effect lasts for only a couple of minutes. That is, a beautician cleans dehydrated skin with closed pores and impaired blood circulation.

Due to skin injury, the face instantly swells, and therefore, it is unrealistic to remove all small comedones. It is believed that this procedure stimulates the sebaceous glands, resulting in a vicious circle of constant cleansing.


Cosmetics, of course, will not replace professional care and treatment. But many of them can help in the fight against acne. The main thing is not to apply fat-containing cosmetics to places of acne eruptions.

Some companies produce special medicines with a regulatory, drying and bactericidal effect.

To mask problem areas, tinted antiseptic agents are available. Their pigments tightly camouflage a pimple, and special disinfectants dry out and accelerate the healing process.

Special plasters will help to heal the annoying pimple. These small round stickers are saturated with a special therapeutic agent, due to which they intensely act deep into the sebaceous gland. The patch is glued at night directly to the problem area. As a rule, the result is noticeable after the first time. Such funds are offered by Biotherm, Vichy, Laboratoirs Garnier.

If acne is associated with oily skin, then the fight against them must be combined with proper facial treatment.

In the fight against acne, you should not count on a quick result. But also do not despair. Getting rid of acne is difficult, but possible.

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