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You said goodbye to acne at the age of 18 and did not expect a new meeting with them at all. But on one far from perfect day, a scattering of unexpected guests reappears on the face. What to do to regain clean skin? This and other questions are answered by our expert, dermatologist Elena SIBRINA.

Causes and effects

Skin is a kind of signaling system that indicates health problems. There may be several causes of acne. The first step is to check for intestinal problems. For example, a skin reaction can produce a common dysbiosis today. Another “fashionable” misfortune is helminthiasis, that is, infection with worms. Sources of problems can be poorly washed food, unroasted meat or fish.

A separate article is sushi. Fans of Japanese cuisine can only be advised to go to trusted restaurants where fresh products are used to prepare exotic dishes. Indeed, unlike the Japanese, our stomachs did not have the opportunity for hundreds of years to adapt to such a half-baked diet.

Often the cause of acne (acne) are gynecological problems. Unfortunately, in our country almost all women face them one way or another. Most often, rashes on the face cause problems with the ovaries, as well as endometriosis. A common case when acne is a reaction to the abolition of an oral or intrauterine contraceptive. This is especially likely for women who have been taking birth control pills or have been using the spiral for quite some time. Refusal of these funds can cause a temporary hormonal failure and provoke rashes. Genitourinary disorders can also affect the skin. This is especially true for chronic cystitis.

A better understanding of the true cause of acne will help the “geography” of rashes. If acne has invaded the forehead, check bowel function. Inflammation arose in the region of the lower jaw – most likely, the ovaries fail. A rash in the chin area may indicate a malfunction of the uterus and urinary tract.

Often, the occurrence of acne is due to external factors. For example, demodicosis – it is caused by a tiny tick that settles in our skin. You can catch the parasite in two ways: just wipe your face with someone else’s towel or use someone else’s bedding.

A tick may not manifest itself for a long time. But as soon as an immune failure occurs in the body, it is immediately activated. Inflamed acne appears on the skin, which is almost impossible to get rid of. In this case, it is necessary to pass a skin scraping for analysis. If the cause is indeed demodicosis, you will be prescribed special medications.

There is a completely trivial reason – a sharp change in cosmetics. For example, a woman at 30 decides that it is time to prevent aging. And he buys an anti-wrinkle cream, without knowing if he personally suits her. Now in one cosmetic line there can be one cream for women over 25, another for 35-year-olds, a third for women over 45. It is difficult to navigate in all its diversity on its own. And often it turns out that instead of smooth, youthful skin, a woman gets acne.

But most often, several causes are responsible for the appearance of acne. Gynecological problems, dysbiosis and decreased immunity are usually combined. And if at this moment to change cosmetics or break the diet,
it is quite possible to get the very “teenage” rashes. I advise you to take them not as a disaster, but as a guide to action.

Patience and treatment

Ideally, with this problem it is better to go to a qualified specialist and undergo acne treatment. As a rule, it includes cosmetic procedures aimed at eliminating inflammation and regulating the sebaceous glands. In parallel, drugs for internal use are prescribed: retinoids, zinc preparations, B vitamins.

Examination and treatment usually take a lot of time. And I want to deal with acne quickly. Therefore, home care with specially selected cosmetics can be added to the procedures.

If you don’t have the opportunity to visit a cosmetologist regularly, still try to get at least one consultation from this specialist. It is important to understand what products are suitable for home care and what can be taken orally.

Amateur performance in this matter can only do much harm.
For example, many have heard that vitamin A is good for skin problems. And they start taking its shock doses. And this is a huge load for the liver. Or they prescribe themselves taking potent drugs that are very effective, but have many side effects.

A separate issue is diet. If you want to have clean skin, be sure to adjust your diet. Try to avoid problems with stool – body cleansing should be regular. It is best to avoid flour, fatty foods, as well as preservatives, dyes and flavorings. It is also worth excluding from the diet all spicy, marinades, spices, pickles, coffee, alcohol. Focus on natural foods: fruits and vegetables, cereals, low-fat dairy products. This, by the way, is useful both for the skin and for the figure.

Finally, another tip. Be patient, because getting rid of acne does not take one to two days, but several weeks. Try to follow all the recommendations of your doctor and do not lose heart. With a little effort, you will find clean skin, and at the same time improve your health.

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