Folk and pharmacy remedies for acne on the back

Please note: the reaction of the body (and even more so of problematic inflamed skin) to new drugs is always difficult to predict. Before using this or that remedy for acne on the back, test it on a small area of ​​the body to be sure that it will not harm you.

The sun, wind and water are our best friends!

Often heal the skin … sunbathing. You can go to the solarium – most importantly, do not overdo it. Do not spend more than 5 minutes in the tanning bed and do not sunbathe in the sun – this can block the whole positive effect. Good effect on the skin of the bath with sea salt and swimming in the sea. Do not let your skin get wet in the heat – you will be helped by natural lightweight fabrics and loose fit clothing.  

Infusions of herbs and acne soap on the back

Tar soap (with moderate use) dries small pimples on the back. A good cure for acne on the back is calendula . You can brew dried or fresh flower heads or buy a pharmacy tincture and wipe the entire back surface with warm infusion or solution. It’s better to do it after a shower. Particularly large acne is best treated separately. To avoid the spread of infection, they are wiped in a circle from the edges to the center. Well soothes the skin decoction of pharmaceutical chamomile. It is also applied to the entire surface of the back. Large acne on the back can be treated with celandine infusion (1-2 leaves per glass of water). 

Remedies for acne on the back from a home medicine cabinet

The number one remedy for skin diseases is regular brewer’s yeast. An overdose is unlikely, since these are water-soluble vitamins that do not linger in the body. The yeast contains B vitamins – they are responsible for the condition of the skin, nails and hair. You can take brewer’s yeast for almost everyone. There is one contraindication – individual intolerance. Salicylic acid is one of the main helpers for those who treat acne on their backs. Unlike other means, it is applied pointwise. You can do this after wiping with decoctions.  


Specialized pharmacy remedies for acne on the back

Baziron, Zinerit, Skinoren are helpers for people with problem skin. They are more expensive than household tools. They are usually used pointwise. Another traditional effective remedy is a pharmacy talker. The composition of the talkers from acne on the back is very different depending on the cause of the rashes. To get a talker, you need to have a prescription from a doctor – the mixture itself will be prepared in a pharmacy. 

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