Squeezing acne – can or not

Acne and blackheads are a common problem not only in adolescents, but also in older people. They can arise due to many reasons, therefore, only competent diagnosis and complex treatment help to get rid of the disease. Squeezing out the hated rash is only an emergency measure, which doctors do not advise to resort to constantly.

Why you can’t squeeze out acne

A seemingly simple procedure can conceal many difficulties and lead to unpleasant consequences. There are several reasons why cosmetologists do not recommend independent mechanical action.

  • Partial extraction . Often, the root of the inflammation lies not on the surface, but in the deeper layers of the dermis. Because of this, it is almost impossible to extract it completely on your own. Even a small particle left in the epicenter can provoke even more inflammation.
  • Scars and scars . During the procedure, the layers of the skin are injured and do not always grow together correctly, forming noticeable irregularities. Only laser correction can cope with such pinpoint scars.
  • The likelihood of infection . After squeezing out the pimple, a wound remains in its place. In the absence of proper processing, bacteria enter it, continuing the inflammatory process. A serious infection can lead to blood poisoning.

In other words, it is better to treat a pimple than to pop it. But if imperfection on the face needs to be corrected urgently, for example, before an important event, you need to do everything right.

What acne can be squeezed out

There are many types of skin problems commonly referred to as “pimple”. In fact, each type of rash has its own name, causes, and treatments. You can safely get rid of the problem if it is a comedone .

A small neoplasm with a whitish head is an inflammation that has developed from a sebaceous plug. Mechanical elimination of such imperfections quickly eliminates the problem and does not lead to long-term consequences – a slight redness subsides after a few minutes and is easily masked with foundation or powder.

Other types of acne – papules and pustules – are almost impossible to squeeze out on their own due to the location of the root. The result of the procedure will be even more inflammation and redness.

Pimple squeezing technique

If you decide to get rid of skin imperfections in an emergency way on your own, the correct completion of the task will reduce the risk of developing inflammation and promote rapid healing.


Squeezing out the rash is carried out in several stages, and preparation is the first of them. First of all, you need to make sure that the pimple is ripe – it should be white, without redness. If there is inflammation, accompanied by pain with pressure, the procedure will not bring the desired result, that is, it is better to wait for the end of the formation of a whitish head.

To facilitate the removal of pus, it is recommended to steam the affected area with chamomile decoction. In this case, the processing of the nasolabial part of the face should be excluded, since closely located capillaries are potentially dangerous for the procedure, and steaming will only complicate the situation.

It is a good idea to prepare special tools before steam treatment, so that you can then quickly begin the task.

To squeeze out a pimple you will need

  • Antibacterial compound or wipes;
  • Sterile gloves;
  • A specialized instrument treated with alcohol.

Among professional cosmetologists, the most popular are:

  • Uno’s scapula . Micro-spoon with a hole in the center to get rid of blackheads without damaging the surrounding skin.
  • Steel stick with a loop. Indispensable for extruding sebaceous plugs of various sizes. Typically, this tool has two loops of different sizes for ease of use.
  • Cosmetological slotted spoon. A very heavily scaled-down version of regular kitchen utensils. Small holes allow plugs to come out easily in hard-to-reach places like the wings of the nose.
  • Tweezers. Specialized tweezers have thin, curved ends. With their help, comedones with a deep root are removed – it is enough to pick up the trunk and pull it out of the pore.

Despite the fact that such tools are considered professional, cosmetologists recommend them for home use as well. Of course, you can squeeze the pimple out with your fingers the old fashioned way . But for this you need to cut off long nails and carefully treat your hands. The use of specialized tools greatly simplifies the task and allows you to leave the manicure intact.

Removal procedure

It is carried out according to a strictly developed scheme, which is followed by professionals in cleansing the face from acne.

Step 1. Processing

Cosmetics, dust and dirt are washed off from the squeezing area, and then treated with an antibacterial composition. It is best to use hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine for these purposes .

Step 2. Removal.

With your thumb and forefinger, grab the area around the pimple and press until it bursts and all the pus comes out. When using specialized instruments, the skin area is fixed in any convenient way. The pimple is removed according to the instructions for use of the auxiliary product.

Step 3. Reprocessing

It is performed when the pus is completely removed – this is evidenced by the blood that has gone from the wound. The affected area is cleaned with a cotton swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide, and then an ice cube is applied to the redness for several minutes.

Step 4. Healing

For accelerated regeneration, it is recommended to lubricate the squeezed acne with an ointment with a drying and healing effect.

Frequent mistakes

Squeezing a pimple / squeezing a pimple

Despite the presence of strict instructions for removing acne, very often the procedure entails complications in the form of repeated inflammation.

This is due to mistakes that have been made.

  • Insufficient disinfection . Even if the entire process is carried out with gloves, you need to wash your hands before putting them on, otherwise germs can get on the surface of the material, and then into the wound. You should also not neglect the treatment of the wound, into which the infection can get into the household method, if it is not “cauterized” in time.
  • Unripe pimple . Of course, when the inflammation is in the most prominent place and hurts, you want to get rid of it as soon as possible. However, in such neoplasms, pus is not fully formed, and the root has not yet come out closer to the surface of the epidermis, so mechanical action will only cause unnecessary damage to the skin, but will not eliminate the problem.
  • Partial deletion . During the completion of the procedure, it is very important to make sure that the pus and root are completely removed. Otherwise, the inflammation will develop again and you will have to wait again for the ripening period.

Avoiding these mistakes, you can carry out the procedure quickly and without unpleasant consequences, because it is better to play it safe than to suffer from the hated rash even longer.


As with any medical condition, the best way to treat acne is through prevention. If there are no problems from a physical point of view, you should change your lifestyle a little.

  • Less likely to touch the face . Many bacteria accumulate on the hands, which, upon contact with the skin of the face, contribute to the development of inflammation.
  • Wash your face more often . Especially important in the summer, when the hot sun increases perspiration, and the city dust clogs the pores. Water treatments will avoid rashes not only on the face, but also on the whole body.
  • Control the work of the digestive tract . When a lot of toxins accumulate in the body, they remind of themselves in different ways, and acne is one of them. Fruits, berries, vegetables and herbs in the daily diet contribute to the elimination of toxins and will be an excellent natural prevention of a number of diseases.
  • Lead an active lifestyle . Sports activities strengthen the nervous system along with muscle tissue. Since acne is often caused by intense anxiety, a natural antidepressant from exercise will be beneficial.

If all the preventive measures did not help and the pimple nevertheless appeared, it is better to cure it with specialized ointments, and not by mechanical action. However, in emergency cases, you can carry out the procedure yourself correctly or seek help from a professional beautician – only this approach will allow you to enjoy clean skin.

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