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The appearance of acne on the face is primarily associated with disorders in the work of the sebaceous glands. Sometimes, excessive rashes indicate immune and endocrine dysfunctions. However, acne has become the object of research not only for doctors and cosmetologists. Long before the development of medicine, people observed and memorized the interconnection of the body’s reactions to certain events. This is how folk signs appeared explaining why acne appears on the face.

Popular signs about acne

An unpleasant and noticeable cosmetic defect is clearly recognized by humans as a signal. According to signs, acne appears in certain places on the face before significant events and meetings. Sometimes they promise a person well-being and joy, sometimes they warn of impending problems.

People noticed repetitive relationships and passed on the experience to others. For example, if a pimple popped up on Friday, this indicates imminent troubles, annoying misunderstandings and minor losses that will eventually be overcome. If acne manifests itself on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, the woman will face minor domestic difficulties, and the man will have to postpone important plans and spend unforeseen money.

Most of all, it will be associated with the appearance of acne on certain parts of the face.

Pimple on the forehead

If a painful blister appears in the middle of the forehead, this is an alarming signal. He talks about the upcoming disappointment, possibly associated with a loved one. Betrayal or envy must be feared.

On the temples, acne appears to the disease, you should pay attention to health and not postpone a visit to the doctor if something is bothering at the moment.

The appearance of inflammation on or near the right eyebrow, on the contrary, is a sign that things will go uphill and soon life’s difficulties will be resolved.

Acne on the left eyebrow – to troubles and losses, it is worth giving up travel and far-reaching plans, most likely, they will not be able to be realized.

Numerous rashes on the lateral surfaces of the forehead promise recovery to the patient, and for the healthy they portend an improvement in their financial situation, high income and new career opportunities.

Pimple on the left cheek

For single people, a large inflammatory element on the left cheek means a quick meeting with a new person, which can be the beginning of a long romantic relationship and even marriage. For married couples, this promises a new round in relationships. Perhaps in the near future a new passion will flare up between the spouses, which will make them closer and more tender to each other.

On the right cheek

For both men and women, a rash on the right cheek portends career advancement, new interesting job offers and a salary increase.

Remarkable! If acne appears on two cheeks at the same time, this indicates imminent conflicts and misunderstandings in the family. Married couples need to be more attentive and careful to each other. This sign is also true for the relationship between parents and children. 

What does a pimple on the nose mean?

If one noticeable pimple appears on the bridge of the nose, it means that good news or a surprise awaits soon. When there are several such rashes, expect pleasant trips and travels.

Everyone knows the sign when a red bump appears on the tip of the nose. This is a sign of imminent falling in love or the beginning of a new passionate relationship with a person who has long had feelings for you.

The appearance of painful elements on the wings of the nose is a sign that a person is trying too hard to earn someone’s attention and approval.

If an abscess appears under the nose, this is a bad sign. For women, it means disappointment in love, while for men it promises monetary losses.

On the chin

A rash on the skin of the chin speaks of success in romantic affairs. The unpleasant sensations from pimples are easy to survive if you know that they have jumped out for a miracle, a quick date and strong love.

On the lips

If pimples appear in the corners of your lips, then someone is slandering and slandering behind your back. On the lower lip – to an early meeting with a dear person after separation. Redness and pustules near the upper lip speak of good luck in love and the opportunity to talk about feelings that have been hidden for a long time. In addition, there is a sign that acne on the lips is associated with frequent kissing.

To believe or not in such signs?

In science, the fact that omens work is explained by two phenomena.

The first is apophenia . It is the ability of the human psyche to find relationships and symbols where they do not exist. All ancient beliefs are based on the convergence of objective natural phenomena with mythical ideas, fears and expectations.

The second is self – fulfilling prophecies. When a person truly believes in something, this happens to him with great probability. The subconscious mind is constantly working on the task at hand, pushing a person towards certain decisions and choices.

Believe it or not in the signs of acne is everyone’s personal business. In the end, the conviction that an annoying and painful red spot on the cheek is money, significantly smoothes discomfort and helps to tune in to an optimistic mood.

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