Points on the shoulders and back: find out the reason – find a solution!

What is teenage acne or what are black dots (acne), firsthand knows almost every adult. In adolescence, this is more than a common problem. However, black dots on the shoulders and back may appear later – at an older age.  

Since acne and black spots are a rather unpleasant phenomenon, the fight against them is irreconcilable. And before starting this fight, you need to find out the essence of the problem, find out for what reasons acne appears on the face, shoulders, back.

Reasons internal and external

In general, the following occurs: due to various reasons, subcutaneous fat begins to stand out in excess, gradually filling and clogging the pores of the skin. The result is the appearance on the skin of comedones and acne. Since there are a lot of sebaceous glands on the back and shoulders, rashes of this kind are observed here much more often than in other parts of the body.

In general, the causes of the appearance of black dots on the back and shoulders can be divided into external and internal. Let’s consider them in more detail.

The internal factors that trigger the appearance of acne and acne on the back include:

· Puberty. In adolescence, the production of hormones stimulating the sebaceous glands increases sharply. Black dots on the shoulders and back at this time are the result of their hyperactivity.  

· Bad heredity.

Impaired functioning of the organs of the endocrine system.

· Disruption of the digestive system.

Diseases of the genitourinary system.

Gynecological diseases, consequences of abortion, pregnancy.



External causes of black dots on the body are no less numerous:

· Non-observance of personal hygiene.

· Bad habits – smoking, alcohol.

Improper nutrition – fast foods, sweets, sodas, fatty, spicy, spicy foods, chocolate, etc.

· An allergic reaction to low-quality cosmetics.

· Synthetic clothing that interferes with normal air exchange on the skin surface.

· Stress and constant nervous tension.

· Very tight clothing.

Salon cosmetic procedures, such as peeling, for example, cause the protective layer of the epidermis to wear off, bacteria easily penetrate the dermis, causing various skin inflammations.

· Long exposure to the sun, which stimulates the active work of sweat and sebaceous glands.

General recommendations

If black dots on the shoulders and back appear due to the above external factors, you can fight them without additional medical assistance. It is enough to reconsider your lifestyle, abandon addictions, reconsider the diet and pay more attention to choosing the “right” clothes. The effect is not long in coming and the skin will again become clean.  

Acne disease caused by hormonal changes in the body during adolescence does not need special treatment. It is enough to establish a competent diet, regularly take care of clean skin with the help of special cosmetics, do not abuse sunbathing, tanning in the solarium. Squeezing acne and acne on your own is by no means impossible – the problem can only worsen.

It is impossible to independently determine the internal causes of the appearance of black dots on the body. To do this, you must definitely seek help from a doctor, undergo a series of diagnostic measures, and pass certain tests. Successfully get rid of acne will be possible only with the help of special therapeutic therapy aimed at eliminating the internal causes of the disease.

If acne persists even after 25-30 years, you should definitely consult a doctor to conduct a comprehensive examination and prescribe appropriate treatment. First of all, girls should contact a gynecologist, guys – to a urologist.

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