Named products that negatively affect the skin

Acne, redness, peeling, oily sheen – this is just an incomplete list of those troubles that can happen to the skin of the face due to the use of these products.

Alcohol Everything is clear here: few people call alcoholic beverages healthy. Speaking specifically about the skin, alcohol dehydrates it. This is due to the fact that when the alcohol is broken down and excreted, the digestive system accumulates more fluid than usual – otherwise it can’t cope.

Care of moisture from different layers of the skin worsens its tone, makes it drier and therefore prone to damage and wrinkles. Add to this the inhibitory effect of alcohol on the intestinal microflora – this fact is associated with the fact that regular booze changes the complexion.

Milk can hardly be called a harmful product. But many cosmetologists claim that because of it, the skin can deteriorate – this is more likely due to the individual characteristics of the body, genetics. In such people, due to the use of milk, edema, bags under the eyes, pallor of the skin, and acne can occur.

Sour-milk products, on the contrary, contribute to the healing of the skin.

Sugar. It is pointless to completely refuse sugar; for health it is an excessive decision. But too hot love for all sweets can ruin the skin.

The more sugar in the diet, the higher the risk of acne and immediately large areas of irritation. In addition, an excess of glucose in the blood provokes the process of glycation of collagen, a structural protein in the skin, which ensures its elasticity. The skin becomes more loose and sagging.

Gluten. Not everyone considers it harmful. Nevertheless, there is a phenomenon of pronounced gluten intolerance. This means that its use can cause severe allergic reactions, in which various rashes, redness, and swelling of the entire face become noticeable. Products that contain gluten are wheat, rye, oats, and barley.

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