Two main causes of acne

Acne is a problem that worries thousands of people around the world. It is one thing when acne on the face appears in transition and adolescents. This process is natural and signals the growth of the body. But when this problem begins to torment enough adults, then the reasons must be sought.

There are two main causes of acne: 

  • Hormonal;
  • Not hormonal.

Men and women have norms for producing hormones at a certain age. Changes that lead to abnormalities are hormonal disruptions. The causes of hormonal failure can be medication, problems of the reproductive system. Non-hormonal: chronic diseases, genetic predisposition, stress, lack of hygiene. You can avoid such problems (the exception is heredity). But if you do not even eliminate acne completely, then significantly reduce their number.

If acne and acne are increasingly appearing on the face, neck, and back, then you do not need to immediately take expensive, advertised cosmetics. First of all, you need to see a doctor and do some tests to establish the true cause. But run it is not worth it. The more acne spreads over the skin, the harder it will be to get rid of this problem. Modern medicine has a huge variety of methods to combat acne and acne, depending on the true cause of their appearance.

No one is safe from acne. Even if you carefully monitor your health, use cosmetics, eat right, do not drink alcohol, then stress or an exacerbation of a chronic disease can lead to acne. If there are first symptoms (single acne), then you should immediately consult a specialist and not self-medicate.

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