Features of summer skin care

During the long winter months we missed the warm summer sun. To celebrate the first sun, we expose our entire body. But we must not forget about caution. Skin in heat requires special care.

Sunscreen. The most important thing is the use of sunscreen. Until now, many girls do not use sunscreen in everyday care. They take with them only to the beach, and that’s not all. In fact, the sun’s rays can carry a great danger to your skin. Any product that you apply to your skin in the summer should contain a high SPF filter. Moreover, a strong filter does not mean that you will not sunbathe. It’s just that your tan will be safer.

Moisturizing. Whenever it comes to facial skin care, I’m talking about hydration. In summer, the skin is very dry from the sun, wind, salt water. She can even peel off. But it happens differently. The face shines in the sun, and it seems to us that it is too oily. But in fact, the skin is simply dehydrated and therefore the sebaceous glands begin to work more intensively. And instead of moisturizing it, we begin to struggle with grease – tonics with alcohol, powder, matting wipes, etc. Therefore, do not forget to apply a moisturizing face cream , preferably with a high sunscreen (see above). 

Say no to powder. We discussed the importance of hydration above, but forgot to warn about the dangers of powder. Of course, when the skin looks oily in the summer, I really want to hide it. Powder in this sense is convenient. But dangerous. Because of it, the pores on your face are constantly clogged, and the sebaceous glands begin to work even more intensively. It is best to use thermal water or plant-based tonics.

Exclude cosmetic treatments. In the summer, it is better not to do such procedures as chemical peeling, facial cleansing, correction of age spots and many others. The consequences after such procedures in the heat and in the sun are completely unpredictable. If you love yourself, transfer them to the fall.

Decorative cosmetics. In everyday life, try to minimize the use of makeup, especially tonal products. And while staying at sea you can do without makeup at all. A natural tan will brighten your face better than any sunscreen. Waterproof mascara will also help . 

Nutrition. At any time, our skin is one of the first to respond to food. In many cases, acne, dry skin or, on the contrary, too oily skin is associated with what we eat. And in the summer we have a unique opportunity to eat fresh vegetables and fruits.

Mood. A good mood and your eyes that glow with happiness will best decorate your face. Thanks to sincere happiness, you will become younger and more beautiful, without any makeup.

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