Laser removal of arachnoid nevus

The external condition of the skin is the best indicator of human health. Dermatologists, venereologists and cosmetologists will agree with this statement. Redness, rash, acne, acne – this is an incomplete list of “signals” sent by the internal organs of a person. Hemangiomas (nevi) deserve special attention. These neoplasms are visible to the naked eye, as they represent bright changes in the surface of the skin like moles. Are such dermatological defects safe? Do I need to treat them?

An official diagnosis of hemangioma is a prerequisite for prescribing therapeutic treatment. Self-diagnosis of such a neoplasm by one or another type of skin pathology is impossible, in view of the existence of the multiplicity of its forms. When identifying the causes of the atypical “mole”, experts assign it a certain status. Among hemangiomas, there are: arterial, venous, capillary, arteriovenous. Stellate hemangioma (in the form of a spider) is a capillary pathology. A few years ago, the main method of treating such nevi was the use of drugs that improve vascular patency. Currently, the most preferred treatment option is laser removal of arachnoid nevus . 

Causes of the “spider”

In general, the appearance of specific red spots on the skin may indicate a violation of the liver. This reason is considered by experts as the main source of hemangioma. In this regard, human behavior is undesirable, which can cause a suppression of the functions of the hematopoietic organ. These include: alcohol abuse; excessive or frequent consumption of fatty, fried, spicy, sweet, flour foods; long-term use of hormonal contraceptives and antibiotics.

These “concomitant” pathologies are characteristic of adults. But why, then, are hemangiomas increasingly common in newborns and preschool children?

The nature of the appearance of age spots in infants is based on a sharp difference in temperature. Small subcutaneous vessels that are not adapted to changing conditions can burst, creating an ornate pattern on the skin. As a rule, after a few weeks or months, the “spiders” are eliminated.

The appearance of nevus in children aged 3-5 years old can be caused by features of the functioning of the vascular system. Weak conductive functions of capillaries and veins (neurocirculatory dystonia) provoke the appearance of specific formations on the skin. In this case, laser removal of the arachnid nevus is not contemplated.  

Treatment features

Star (arachnid) hemangioma is a benign neoplasm. To eliminate redness, the specialist does not use aggressive medication or surgical techniques – drugs that strengthen the walls of blood vessels can be prescribed as recommendations to the patient. Additionally, as a rule, a special diet is prescribed, which includes products with a high content of magnesium, potassium, and vitamin C.

The need to eliminate the “spider” is often caused by the patient’s reluctance to have a cosmetic defect on the skin. Modern techniques – cryoprocedures, the use of a pulsed light system – are quite effective ways to remove hemangiomas. And, nevertheless, laser removal of arachnoid nevus is recognized as the most effective and painless . In this case, side effects (scars, complications, relapses) are practically excluded. 

Noticeable manifestations on the skin of the face – an occasion to take care of the state of health of the internal organs. Most often, the external “signals for help” are supplied by the stomach, intestines and liver. The occurrence of hemangiomas is one of the indicators of the unhealthiness of blood vessels and blood-forming organs. The use of hepatoprotectors (drugs to maintain liver function) and, if desired, the use of modern methods of treating nevi can help solve the problem of the appearance of red “spiders” on the skin quickly and irrevocably.

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