What spoils our skin

Skin problems arise for many reasons, so it is important to know what spoils our skin, and, most importantly, how to avoid it. The skin has a large area of ​​contact with the environment, so a variety of factors influence its health and appearance.  

The foods we eat

Not only overall health depends on the “right” products, but also how our skin looks. It so happened that exactly what we like is either very harmful or useless.

· These are delicious sweets . Collagen and elastin fibers are responsible for the beauty of the skin, it is they who “make” the skin elastic, dense and elastic. But, they, as hell of incense, are afraid of sweets in any form – sugar, fructose, glucose. Excessive consumption of sweets leads to early wrinkles, acne, age spots.

· Sol. This product retains moisture in the body, so the love of salty can be observed on the skin in the form of edema and acne.  

· Bread and various concoctions. There are those who cannot live without bread, rolls, cakes and buns – without the fact that they contain a huge amount of carbohydrates. Pay for it – acne, allergic rashes, pruritus. 

· Carbonated drinks. Sugar, preservatives, chemical additives are very harmful to the skin and the body. Scientists have proved that the use of “sweet soda” can provoke not only redness and rashes on the skin, but also the development of tumors. 

· Fatty foods. High-calorie foods that contain saturated fats make the skin “older” and dry it. It is advisable to refuse, or significantly reduce, the consumption of cream, butter, pork, fatty beef, fried food, fresh milk. 

· Different diets. Restriction in nutrition refers to an important factor that spoils our skin, adversely affects its appearance. She is aging, looks pale and dull. Mono diets have a particularly negative effect on the skin, while the necessary nutrient components do not enter the body.   

In addition to food, the following factors can cause harm to the skin.

Lack of sleep. An organism that does not sleep enough experiences tremendous stress, which affects the condition of the skin.


· Drinking alcohol leads to dehydration, the skin becomes dry, wrinkles appear on it.

· Sedentary work and sedentary lifestyle.

· Excessive tanning and frequent visits to the solarium.

· Bad habit of squeezing pimples.

· Peeling the face. As a result, there is a decrease in the release of sebum and, as a result, the skin becomes more susceptible to infections.

·Cosmetics. They are chosen based on the type of skin.

· Care of the skin around the eyes requires the use of special products.

· The use of a large number of cosmetic products, which are often incompatible with each other.

· Mandatory facial cleansing before bedtime. If this is not done, then there is a blockage of the skin pores and acne appears on the face.

· Use of dirty brushes and sponges for applying makeup.

· Taking antibiotics.

How to take care of your skin

In order for the skin on the face to please you for a long time with youth and a healthy look, you do not need to make titanic efforts, it is enough to follow simple rules:

· Provide daily hydration:

· Protect from the harmful effects of solar radiation;

· Regularly cleanse the skin from contamination;

· Use moisturizing and nourishing creams and masks, be sure to consider the type of your own skin;

· Eat skin-friendly products.


Knowing what spoils our skin , and the rules for caring for it, it is not at all difficult to maintain it in proper condition. Beautiful skin is eye-catching and admirable. Let it be so for you. Good luck. 

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