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Over time, the skin on the face succumbs to the inexorable process of aging. In particular, the skin on the forehead first begins to age. At the same time, strangely enough, facial expressions in no way affect the early formation of wrinkles. On the contrary, positive emotions have a positive effect on the condition of the skin on the forehead. Indeed, even a cosmetologist is advised to regularly perform gymnastics of the skin on the forehead.

In addition to proper gymnastics, special cosmetics should be used to rejuvenate the skin on the forehead. It is especially necessary to select a cleanser. And finally, in order for the skin on your forehead to look young and fresh, you should carefully monitor your diet. Only under the condition of saturation of nutrition with all the necessary trace elements and minerals, you can count on satisfactory skin contraction on the forehead.

Many women believe that facial cleansing is a painful procedure. However, it is not. Indeed, to cleanse the face, it is not necessary to run to the beauty salon and do another hard peeling, after which it takes at least a week to restore the skin. The skin on the forehead can smooth out even with ordinary masks. You just need to choose your own method of rejuvenation, which will be suitable for this particular skin. The mask, although the simplest method, but can be the most effective, it all depends on the chosen tool. When making masks from natural products, vegetables, berries, you must be 100% sure that an allergic reaction will not occur. An allergic reaction can be provoked if, after a natural product, a chemical agent is used, or one or the other, but not at all.

You can prevent wrinkles on the forehead or get rid of wrinkles in many ways, both home and professional. The most popular is peeling, which is divided into two types: mechanical and hardware. Different peels have different effects on the skin. So, for example, borsage is used for cleansing with special brushes that simultaneously cleanse and massage the skin. You can simply remove dead cells or dissolve them using mechanical peeling. If the skin has black dots that most often accompany oily skin, then you can resort to vacuum peeling, but this procedure is not only unpleasant, but also quite painful.

It is possible to make the skin not just clean, but young and healthy with water, but not simple, but with water from thermal sources.

clerks. Water from thermal springs is a natural raw material that has many positive properties, including helping to eliminate not only wrinkles, but also to prolong the youth of the body as a whole. Thermal water does not change the structure of the skin, enriches it with moisture, which is very useful if there are acne on the face. The fact is that nutrients, which contain a large number of oils, clog the skin. Thermal water is now produced by almost all cosmetics manufacturers and is sold in pharmacies. Beforehand, you should consult what water to choose for washing.  

Forehead skin peeling

Peeling is recommended not more than 1 time per month, as well as ultrasonic cleaning. The ultrasound procedure is safe and involves applying a solution to the face that creates the effect of boiling water when in contact with ultrasound. The skin becomes not just smooth, but elastic and toned, the effect will intensify even more after applying special creams. However, this peeling has contraindications, it can not be done during pregnancy, as well as those who have heart problems and pressure. Skin cleansing can also be carried out chemically using ANA cosmetics, which include hypoacids. The main thing in this procedure is to choose the right dosage.

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