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Clean face is a matter of silicon

Just think, a pimple popped up on his chin. It would seem such a small nuisance, but what could be more annoying? How many experiences immediately begin, especially among young girls. First date with a guy at risk! Is it possible to appear in such a way to the eyes of a cavalier? And in complete despair, the young beauty, spinning from different sides in front of the mirror, is trying to squeeze out the hated tubercle with sharp claws. Moreover, the nasty pimple becomes even larger, and redness appears around it, and when pressed hard, blue and black are added.

Towards the end of difficult manipulations, the reflection resembles the evil heroine from a children’s horror movie – a ruffled hairstyle and spots all over the face from nervous tension, a swollen lower jaw with a huge bruise and deep scratches from the nails. The appearance, as well as the mood, are completely spoiled. A romantic meeting fell through, it will take a couple of days, and even before the end of the week to cover your face with foundation cream, so that at least among your friends do not look like a bogey. Which girl is not familiar with this situation?

Business card loser

Every teenager has problem skin. Acne alone is mild, or acne appears in places that can be hidden under clothing. And for others, the whole face, neck, arms and back are sprinkled, protruding above the skin surface with red, white and black heads. The most frightening thing is to look at bloated acne, ready to burst at any time. Unfortunate people with such rashes, as a rule, have no friends or even friends. Peers are afraid that the liquid mass in the literal sense of the word will break free and will be on the face and body of a person standing nearby.

Causes of rash in adolescents

Many are ridiculed with a touch of disgust and neglect. And not only girls are the object of negative attention, boys also fall into the category of outcasts. Therefore, they resort to common methods that promise quick relief from acne. However, for the most part they only temporarily help, as they do not eliminate the causes. The main culprits of teenage acne are hormonal changes. For example, during puberty, the level of androgens rises, which gives a sharp increase in the production of sebaceous glands. An oily secretion is produced excessively, pores are clogged and acne forms.

Teen Acne Treatment

Those who believe that it is enough to anoint the pimples with a miraculous cream from the commercial are mistaken and everything will disappear without a trace. In fact, newfangled preparations contain a large number of antibiotics that disrupt the intestinal microflora, and this already leads to serious diseases, for example, persistent dysbiosis and purulent dermatitis develops. To qualitatively eliminate the true causes of acne, it is necessary to cleanse the body. A modern drug from a series of sorbents – Polysorb – will help to quickly and effectively solve the problem.

All toxic substances pass through the digestive system, where most of them are absorbed and spread to the organs with blood. And a preparation based on natural silicon reveals pathogenic microbes, binds them into complexes and removes them from the body. For complete cleaning, it is required to take a sorbent in a course of 10-14 days. It is necessary to drink 3 grams (one bag) or a tablespoon with a slide 3 times a day after 1.5 hours after eating. Polysorb can be consumed by adolescents at different stages of hormonal surges. After all, he does not have absolute contraindications.

Purely female acne

Often acne “visit” the fair sex in adulthood. Respectable ladies, being late for business negotiations, hide their faces under wide-brimmed hats … Housewives, crouching low, move behind the shelves of the supermarket, trying to quickly get the necessary products, and hide from the intrusive companions in the walls of their house. No one wants to show spoiled beauty. However, the main source of skin rashes among women from 20 to 40 years old is a steroid reconstruction in the last stage of the menstrual cycle. They usually occur a week before menstruation and are localized in the nasolabial triangle.

Acne Correction

A skin rash is primarily an inflammation. Therefore, it is necessary to deal with such acne with anti-inflammatory drugs and hormones, and not peeling or herbal masks. As a rule, medicines have a lot of side effects, and sometimes do more harm than good. However, enterosorbent Polysorb will help to get out of this situation. Silicon medicine has unique cleansing properties, and every woman needs it. The fact is that one of the causes of pain during menstruation is the contamination of the body with toxic substances that were formed during life. 

The action of pathogenic factors undermines the endocrine system. And the sorbent eliminates all harmful elements, due to which the protective mechanisms are activated. As a result, not only the appearance is improving, but the level of female sex hormones is also stabilizing. So the drug helps to reduce pain in any phase of the menstrual cycle. It is easier to carry, and sometimes completely disappear, adverse sensations in the lower abdomen, dizziness and nausea, which often disturb women.

After applying the sorbent with each course, less rashes are observed. With the arrival of menstruation, you can drink the drug 3 times a day in a tablespoon with the top of the entire bleeding period, but no longer than 10 days. If the process of ovulation is difficult and with various unpleasant manifestations, it is advisable to start taking Polysorb without waiting for menstrual flow.

Another point that women do not pay due attention to is acne after makeup. This is the local allergy. However, you can get rid of it quickly and efficiently. It is enough to take Polysorb in an average daily dosage: 2-4 tablespoons per day 1 hour before a meal. The course of treatment is 7-10 days.


This term is used in relation to acne (acne), which is the result of any troubles in the body. When one of the organs or the whole system is affected, toxic waste products of harmful bacteria are released into the blood and lymph, which are carried through vessels to healthy cells and tissues, including the surface of the skin. Sometimes rashes may be the only symptoms of internal conflict. However, at their location, you can tell where to look for the disease. For example, acne in the mouth is a sign of ovarian inflammation, and rashes on the temples and peeling of the skin of the cheeks are the cause of gastritis, pancreatitis or cholecystitis.

Acne therapy

It should be noted that in no case should you crush acne and blackheads, especially if they are red, as this indicates the beginning of ripening. And if you have a mechanical effect, you can bring the infection, as well as contribute to the spread of the inflammatory process in the surrounding tissue. To eliminate acne, it is good to use Polysorb inside and out. It is required to drink the drug in 3 grams or a tablespoon with a slide 4 times a day 1.5 hours after a meal for 14 days.  

And for external use, a solution is prepared with silicon, which needs to clean the skin. For a silicon mask, the sorbent powder is diluted in water to the density of sour cream, which is about 1 teaspoon or bag per 1 gram. The mixture with gentle movements of the fingertips is applied a thin layer on the face and neck (bypassing the eye area) and dries out within 10-15 minutes. When the last part of the skin becomes dry, you can wash off with warm water. To maintain the effect of the mask and moisturize the skin, it is good to apply a nourishing cream. It is worth noting that after regular cleaning, Polysorb restored a healthy complexion, oily sheen disappears, and acne and blackheads leave the skin.

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