Why can’t you squeeze pimples?

The problem of popping acne remains with us for life. Starting from adolescence and ending with retirement age, many people, with the appearance of acne on their face and not only, immediately seek to squeeze them out. Despite all the assurances of cosmetologists and dermatologists that this should never be done, people stubbornly continue to press any formations on the face. Today we will once again tell you in detail why you should not crush acne, and what are the consequences after their illiterate removal.

The causes of acne

The appearance of any pimple on the skin always has certain reasons. For each organism, they are purely individual. However, beauticians and dermatologists identify several common causes of acne. So let’s take a look at them.


At this time, hormonal changes in the body begin, in such conditions the work of the sebaceous glands is disrupted: they produce too much sebum. Which clogs pores and causes inflammation.


Infection with a microscopic mite. The parasite invades hair follicles and sebaceous glands.

Oily and combination skin

This is a fairly common problem when the skin has specific areas where sebum is produced most actively and also leads to blockage of the sebaceous glands. It is this problem that is most often fraught with the formation of purulent acne on the face, which you so want to squeeze out. But after squeezing, the area and number of acne increases, and the post-acne effect is also added. In which scars, age spots, etc. are formed on the site of squeezed acne.

Hormonal changes in the body

The work of the sebaceous glands can be disrupted when the hormonal background changes due to diseases of the endocrine system, pregnancy, age.

Yeast fungi

Normally, they are always present on the surface of the skin in a small concentration, but under certain factors, a decrease in immunity can begin to multiply uncontrollably. The result of their activity is usually the appearance of papules on the face, when squeezed out of which the affected area also increases.

Why is squeezing acne dangerous?

The main consequence of squeezing is the further spread of acne.

A pimple is not just a rash on the surface of the skin. The appearance of a pimple is only the “tip of the iceberg”, it is a direct evidence that some changes are taking place in the body.

What changes exactly?

  • Most often, inflammatory processes of the skin are directly related to intestinal diseases.
  • However, they can serve as evidence of hormonal changes, malfunctions of the thyroid, pancreas.

For this reason, improper acne removal can lead to more serious health problems. By removing the clumps from the skin glands, you allow any infection to enter the bloodstream and complicate the immune system.

Why can’t you squeeze pimples yourself?

The consequences of such a seemingly simple procedure can be very sad.

  • When squeezing pimples, you can contract encephalitis and even meningitis. Especially if you squeeze pimples in the area of ​​the nasolabial triangle. Because this is where the vessels are directly connected to the brain.
  • Getting into an acne wound from Staphylococcus aureus can lead to inflammation of adjacent tissues and the spread of such inflammation (boils) over the entire surface of the skin. Such inflammations should be treated immediately, they quickly involve neighboring tissues in the process and, in advanced cases, cause blood poisoning.

Know : only a surgeon can open a boil with sterile instruments, in no case try to do it yourself in a domestic environment.


Any squeezing of a pimple with dirty hands in a non-sterile environment increases the area of ​​the lesion, since the squeezed liquid enters the adjacent pores and continues to become inflamed in them. In addition, squeezing severely injures the skin, after which spots, scars and scars appear on it.

How to deal with acne correctly?

Beautician help

When a rash occurs, the cause of their occurrence should be identified first and proper treatment should be started, strictly under the supervision of doctors. A local problem, that is, the acne itself, can be eliminated by signing up for a consultation with a beautician. Only a specialist will correctly and competently cleanse the face, which will not entail unpleasant consequences. Also, the cosmetologist will select the right set of products, taking into account the characteristics of the skin and the body, which will help relieve inflammation and get rid of the problem.

Psychologist help

In some cases, people also need the help of a psychologist. Sometimes popping acne is a purely psychological problem. Such “patients” begin to get rid of any rashes at the slightest stress. According to psychologists, such a reaction is a way to unconsciously punish yourself and prove that the offense was inflicted on them unfairly.

Psychologists have in their arsenal various methods of dealing with neurotic states of various etymologies; in some cases, it will be quite simple to study several effective methods of quickly neutralizing a stressful state.


Now you know:

  • the main causes of the appearance of rashes;
  • the danger that the wrong fight against them entails;
  • and also explained in an accessible way how to solve this problem.

We hope now, after reading the article, you will begin to treat the health of the body and skin more carefully, eradicating the problem at the root.

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