The third stage of facial skin care

Well, finally we got to the fun part! We proceed to active elimination of problems with the skin of the face. Unique serums will help us in this , each of which solves a specific problem. 

The question usually arises: why can’t you immediately start using serums for skin care? Why does it take so long to prepare the skin for their perception? So, serums have a very concentrated composition. Therefore, firstly, the reaction of the skin can be unpredictable. Secondly, when you have previously carried out a deep cleansing of the skin of the face and started the processes of cell regeneration, the effect of the action of serums will be completely different. Because in this case, all the richness contained in the serum easily enters the skin of the face and the percentage of assimilation will be much higher. Old dead cells will no longer interfere with us. And the result of leaving will be more significant.

The serum is used after cleansing and toning the skin of the face and neck. It is necessary to apply a few drops of the serum to the skin and distribute evenly with light patting movements. The application of the cream in this case is not required, because serum contains a high concentration of active substances.

To achieve the maximum effect, it is recommended to use serums in the morning or in the evening in courses of about 1 month. Serums are well combined with each other, therefore, their alternation and combination is allowed, i.e. one day you can use one serum, the next day another. One bottle of serum is usually enough for a course. Then you can take a break. What is the duration? This is all individual in each case. Here you need to focus on your feelings. Some people like to use the serum all the time without interruption.

Now let’s talk about each serum separately.

Serum Corrector of mimic wrinklesSerum Deep Recovery
Suitable for people aged 30 and over. Provides anti-aging effect and correction of the first expression lines.Suitable for people aged 40 and over. Provides regenerative care and deep wrinkle correction.

Let’s summarize

Now, when the skin of the face is prepared for the perception of all the rich composition of the serums, the effect of their use is maximum.

Aromatherapy in cosmetology

There are a great many areas of application of essential oils. One of them is cosmetology. Essential oils can multiply the effect of cosmetics and solve many skin care problems: acne acne excessive greasiness or dryness of the skin, vascular disorders (rosacea) age spots and freckles . They enhance the metabolic processes in the skin and its regenerative capacity. Nourish, moisturize and rejuvenate the skin.          

However, certain rules must be followed when using essential oils . Equally important is the quality of the essential oils used.   

I wish you to choose the right cosmetics and essential oils for face and body skin care and enjoy!

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