Problem skin of adolescents

Difficult growing up …

Go to any classroom where teenagers 11-16 years old study. How different they are! Different ratios of height and weight, eye and hair color … In addition, they differ from each other in academic performance, memory capacity, reaction speed, general mobility. But they all have the same skin problems: acne, white pustules and pimples. It’s no secret that these teenage “troubles” are the result of hormonal changes in the body, which occurs in all children. Why does growing up happen this way? Is it possible to predict the appearance of acne, pustular and acne rash? Are there any effective methods of “dealing” with them, in addition to local treatment? The answers to all these difficult questions are given by a systematic approach to adolescent health.

What happens to the skin of a teenager?

During puberty, the sebaceous and sweat glands work very intensely. When you sweat, the pores of your skin open and the sebum flows out unhindered. It neutralizes the acidic environment of the skin and creates favorable conditions for the life of all kinds of microorganisms. They are the reason for the appearance of acne, pustules and acne.

How to “resist” the appearance of skin problems?

We wash …

Since teenage skin is more and more prone to contamination than adult skin, it needs to be cleaned properly. Young skin is very sensitive, so a “delicate” product is best suited for it: Gel for washing. Delicate gel with a subtle green tea scent cleanses the skin of make-up, environmental pollution and excess sebum without disturbing the skin’s balance.

Water for washing

Of great importance is the water with which the teenager washes his face. The surest choice is cool, filtered, melted or mineral. Such water improves blood circulation, improves skin tone, strengthens the immune system and even the nervous system.

Skin toning: do you need alcohol or not?

After washing, the remains of impurities and sebaceous secretions are removed by the Toner for combination and oily skin. It contains no alcohol at all. The main principle of choosing a tonic for teenagers: the less alcohol, the better. Alcohol dries the skin too much . The result of its constant use is that the work of the sebaceous glands is disrupted. The skin tries to compensate for the resulting dryness and therefore enhances the activity of the sebaceous glands. That is, the result is exactly the opposite. Therefore, it is better to forget about “daddy’s cologne”!

And further…

With youthful skin problems, you need to monitor the cleanliness of not only the face and body, but also everything that comes into contact with them: towels (of course, they should be individual), bed and underwear (especially pillowcases, which should be changed as often as possible). And, of course, try to avoid touching your face with your hands during the day. They are not always sterile with you …

Apply the cream …

After a thorough cleansing at night, SPF 6 Oil Blocker Gel is excellent for teenage skin. It will regulate the work of the sebaceous glands all night so that the skin does not “shine” in the morning.

In autumn and winter, before going to school, after washing and toning, it is best to apply the same SPF 6 Oil Blocker Gel. Its active plant components eliminate excess sebum, tighten pores, relieve irritation and protect against infections.

We listen to the advice of “seasoned” teenagers …

Those who were already adolescents felt on their “own skin” that an integrated approach is important in the prevention of acne, pustules and acne. What is reflected on the face of boys and girls from 11 to 16 years old is a consequence of global internal changes. Therefore, cosmetic care must be supported by the correct daily regimen and nutrition.

Night. The best time for a teenager to sleep is 7-8 hours. There should be fresh air in the bedroom. 

Morning. A contrast shower gives a very good effect in the morning. The best friend of problem skin is hardening: cool air baths, wet rubdowns, dousing and cold baths. 

Day. During the day, eat fried and excessively fatty foods as little as possible. Give preference to chilled food and drinks without gases. It is best to include biologically active additives (BAA) in the daily diet: Element 1. Balance formula plus and herbal tea “Dionysus”. They will improve digestion processes, increase the body’s defenses and create conditions for optimal growth and development of boys and girls. 

Evening. Just like in the morning, take a contrast shower. And once a week, plan a trip to the bathhouse. For teenage skin in the bath, massage and self-massage of the neck and shoulders with bergamot essential oil (1-3 drops per 10 ml of sweet almond oil) or lemon (4-7 drops per 10 ml of sweet almond oil) is especially effective. The massage activates the blood supply to the scalp and face, and at this time essential oils reveal their cosmetic properties “in all their glory”: 

  • Bergamot activates bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and tonic effects. It tightens pores, evens out the complexion, makes the skin cleaner and fresher.
  • Lemon restores the natural acidic environment of the skin and prevents microorganisms from multiplying. Helps to cope with bacterial viral rashes, softens the skin and whitens it slightly.

“Golden school years … Endless celebration of life and complete freedom!” – adults say with aspiration. They tend to forget that it’s actually not easy being a teenager. And then there are those “hated” acne and pimples! Become a kind counselor for your child. As in childhood you taught him to wash his hands before eating, so now explain to him: what cosmetics to choose and how to use it correctly, what to choose from food and how to build a daily routine on your own – in an adult way. Perhaps at first they will gently hint to you that you have invaded someone else’s territory, but if you are delicate and patient, then very soon your adult child will tell you: thank you.

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