Proper daily oral care

A normally functioning, properly functioning gastrointestinal tract begins with a healthy oral cavity. Proper oral care begins with choosing a toothpaste.

All toothpastes can be divided into two large groups:

  • abrasive toothpastes
  • gel toothpastes

If you brush your teeth 2 times a day only with an abrasive toothpaste , then plaque is completely removed from the teeth. In this case, the enamel will become thinner and thinner, i.e. just get off. And this is a direct path to the occurrence of caries . In addition, the gums will not receive proper care, and this is a direct path to the development of periodontitis gingivitis and periodontal disease      

If you brush your teeth 2 times a day only with gel toothpaste , then it will be impossible to completely clean off the plaque that forms on the teeth. Dental plaque is 70% composed of pathogenic microorganisms, which begin to multiply intensively and cause an inflammatory process in the gums . If plaque is not removed in a timely manner, it will harden and tartar will form .   

If the gums are inflamed, the tooth begins to decay slowly, i.e. caries occurs , which further leads to tooth loss  

Scientists from the Novosibirsk Academgorodok have developed a fundamentally new oral care complex Duet ” Radonta ” ” Radonta ” ).  

Complex care ” Radonta 

Morning toothpaste ( new ) Evening toothpaste ( new )

Duet ” Radonta ” – morning and evening pastes – provide two-way prevention and protection: their action is aimed at the health of the gums and oral cavity , and to protect the enamel from the formation of stones and caries.      

Due to its varied structure, abrasive ( morning ) and gel ( evening ), Radonta toothpastes take good care of the enamel of the teeth.

Morning toothpaste ( new restores the microflora of the oral cavity, relieves bleeding gums, has an analgesic effect, tones up. 

Evening toothpaste ( new has an antimicrobial and healing effect, prevents all known diseases of the oral cavity, provides fresh breath, helps to relax. 

Result : thanks to the combined action of the plant and mineral components of the two health-improving and prophylactic pastes ” Radonta “, full-fledged care of teeth and periodontal tissues is carried out.

 ResultMain action
one.Healthy gumsHealthy gums are a guarantee of strong teeth. Herbal ingredients ” Radonta ” carefully care for periodontal tissues and have a preventive and healing effect in relation to diseases of the oral cavity. Plant extracts of morning and evening pastes ” Radonta ” stimulate increased blood supply to the gums and provide adequate nutrition of periodontal tissues, relieve inflammation.      
2.Removal of dental plaqueFood debris and germs are the main causes of plaque formation. If not removed, it can cause periodontal disease and turn into tartar. Effective cleaning components and natural extracts antibakterialnym action toothpastes ” Radonta ” are powerful natural barrier against the formation of dental plaque.  
3.Preventing the development of dental cariesTooth decay is caused by acids that dissolve the mineral structure of the tooth to form a cavity. Acid is formed as a result of the vital activity of microorganisms in the oral cavity. Bacteria, receiving easily digestible carbohydrates (sucrose, glucose, fructose) as food , process them and release acid as waste. Most bacteria found in dental nalote.Pasty « Radonta » helps prevent tooth decay by acting comprehensively. First, it effectively removes plaque. Secondly, they restore the mineral composition of the enamel, increasing the resistance to the action of organic acids formed during the oxidation of food residues. And third, they limit the production of acids by plaque bacteria.  
four.Tooth enamel strengthTo strengthen tooth enamel and prevent caries, fluoride is used in many toothpastes. But an excess of fluoride provokes the disease fluorosis, which causes unaesthetic stains on the teeth and can even lead to tooth loss. Therefore, daily brushing with fluoride toothpaste can negatively affect your teeth. The solution offers ” Radonta ” : a combination of different pastes – with and without fluoride – provides the right balance of this important trace element. Evening toothpaste ” Radonta ” contains an extract of the roots of the Chinese peony – a unique source of natural fluoride and other microelements necessary for the restoration of tooth enamel.  
five.Fresh breathMost modern toothpastes use a variety of flavors for a deodorant effect . Indeed, these funds allow you to quickly eliminate bad breath, but not for long . The fact is that a bad smell is a consequence of chronic inflammatory processes in the deep tissues of the oral cavity. It must be fought with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial agents. Plants are the optimal solution. Morning toothpaste « Radonta » contains extracts zanthoxylum and chlorophyll which effectively fight bacteria – the main cause of malodor. Evening toothpaste ” Radonta ” contains extracts of Chinese peony, honeysuckle, lotus, which help to maintain fresh breath.   
6.Compliance with daily biorhythmsThe duet of pastes ” Radonta ” , morning and evening, is the only line of toothpastes that takes into account the biological rhythms of a person: morning – invigorates, evening – soothes and adjusts to a healthy sleep.
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