Neurodermatitis: symptoms and folk remedies

Harmful foreign substances (antigens) that enter the body, our immune system neutralizes in order to avoid illness. Among the main components of this protective system are certain types of white blood cells: T – and B – lymphocytes. First of all, they assume the functions of organizers of protection, and partly they themselves participate in the attack on unwanted aliens.

Neurodermatitis is a complex dysfunction of the immune system and skin.

In this disease, the immune system is prone to excessive protective actions. In addition, the water exchange of the skin is disturbed. Symptoms of neurodermatitis are manifested in the form of drying and disruption of normal protective functions, as a result of harmful effects and external irritants, it is easier to reach the deeper layers of the skin and come into contact with immune cells. Skin reactions occur – redness, weeping , peeling, severe itching. The significance of external influences varies depending on the individual characteristics of a person. In some patients, for example, food allergies strongly affect the course of the disease, in others, allergies to house dust mites or pollen allergens come to the fore. The role of neuropsychic stressful influences is almost always great.

The identification of these external factors and influences that cause neurodermatitis is crucial for the treatment of the disease.

About seventy years ago, neurodermatitis was combined with allergic rhinitis and allergic bronchial asthma under one general concept of “atopic syndrome”. Atopy is, in fact, all the main allergic reactions transmitted to a person “by inheritance”. But not all components of atopy must necessarily cause symptoms of the corresponding disease. There may well be only a predisposition, not necessarily resulting in a disease. Atopy can be represented as a cube inherited by a child from parents, grandparents. Depending on which side this cube falls on, either eczematic changes in the skin in some form of neurodermatitis, or a change in the mucous membrane in the form of allergic rhinitis or allergic bronchial asthma will come to the fore.

The joint manifestation of neurodermatitis and asthma occurs, fortunately, infrequently, 15 – 30% of cases. Different studies of the prevalence of this variant, therefore, give a great discrepancy in the results. On the other hand, it often happens that the stages of neurodermatitis during the period of illness alternate with the stages of allergic rhinitis or allergic bronchial asthma.

Attention! The age for which such an alternation is characteristic is the sixth, seventh years of life.

Many “healings” by very suspicious means and methods at this age are nothing more than spontaneous remission (a period in which there are no symptoms of the disease) or a change from neurodermatitis to allergic rhinitis. The fact that an imaginary miraculous remedy was used at this time and at this age , – a pure accident that has nothing to do with the cure of the disease.

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