Makeup without mistakes: stylist tips

Of course, the one who does nothing is not mistaken. And even women who have had a trusting relationship with decorative cosmetics for several years sometimes allow a small but blot in their makeup. So, the classic mistakes of everyday makeup in order.


I think Russian women tend to abuse their tone. And the most common mistake when applying a tone is its quantity. Usually it turns out either a little or a lot. If the skin is in good condition, then the tone is needed in a minimum amount. And, conversely, with bad skin, it should be used to a greater extent, but still it is preferable to mask imperfections in tone than to cover the face with it as if with plaster.

It doesn’t matter which way of applying the tone is closer to you – with your fingers, a sponge, brushes, the main thing is to achieve the effect of a very thin film of rather dense makeup.

In addition, some ladies are not very successful in finding shades of tone, sometimes specially choosing it darker because of the whiteness of their own skin. Understanding their desire, I would still attribute this to makeup mistakes. After all, quite noticeable, if not striking, is the line separating the white neck and the darkish face. It is ugly and sometimes it looks like the face is stained with something. The shade of the tone should match the skin color. Most of our women have a pinkish skin tone, so choose your tone color carefully.


The main purpose of the powder, as such, is to keep the skin from shining. It also helps to correct minor flaws – pimples, burst capillaries. Matte powder is irreplaceable when there is a need to veil imperfections and unevenness of the face. A bold tone requires dusting so that it does not glare in bright light. Now there are new tone formulas that do not need to be powdered, since it itself adheres perfectly to the skin.

It is better to apply a little cream under the powder so that the powder particles adhere to the skin. And here there is one nuance that sometimes entails mistakes. It is worth distinguishing the effect produced by two types of powder: loose – fixing and compact – highly pigmented. If a compact powder is placed on a greasy base – cream or tone, then this pigment begins to manifest itself strongly, which should not be.


With them,
probably, women have the least problems. However, they exist – in the very choice of the color of the shadows. In addition, a certain technique of applying shadows is required for a certain color, which ladies do not always take into account. So, it is advisable to shade pearlescent shadows only on the upper eyelid and under the brow, but matte shadows – both in the fold of the eye and on the upper eyelid. You can also circle your eyes with them.

Before applying eye shadow, women sometimes apply cream to the skin around the eyes. It is not right. The consequence of such a rash step is that the shadows are applied unevenly, roll down and, as a result, look dirty.

If a woman, for some reason, does not have time to wait until the applied cream is absorbed, then it is better to powder the skin around the eyes before applying shadows.

A separate conversation about eyeliner. It requires a jeweler’s precision of application, which means some training exercises. And with rare exceptions, a lot, a lot of mascara and blue eyeliner looks like a woman saleswoman of the 70s.

Attention, owners of narrow and small eyes! This is a big mistake when you bring the inner eyelid down.


In order to avoid mistakes,
it is worth focusing on the accuracy and correctness of applying mascara, which has different purposes. If the volumetric mascara is poorly made up, then the eyelashes may look like rolling. The lengthening mascara is used as follows: you need to apply one layer and let it dry, then the second and third. This mascara contains a lengthening element – fiber, and if the mascara does not dry when coloring the eyelashes, the desired effect cannot be achieved.


Obviously, on the skin of a significant part of Russian women, blush of pink tones and tan colors look great. And by so many, the beloved blush of the brown palette does not allow the skin to look rested, glowing from the inside. In some cases, they even give the skin an earthy hue. When using a brown range of blush, you can imperceptibly change the purpose of any makeup, trying to look young and artificially age yourself fresh.


Lips outlined in dark brown pencil and pearlescent lipstick are familiar, is
n’t it? It’s an old-fashioned echo of the 60s. The texture of modern lipsticks means you don’t need to use pencils at all. But for fans of this “instrument of seduction” I would gladly recommend using a pencil color that perfectly matches the shade of the lips or lipstick. And one more thing: a lighter pencil will soften the contour of the lips, and a darker one will emphasize it. Choose what is more interesting to you. The procedure of “putting beauty on the lips” itself is simple: underline the lip line with a pencil, powder it and apply lipstick. Such a powdered lip contour will allow the lipstick not to spread for a long time. I would recommend this method to ladies of post-balzac age. For girls, I would not recommend using a lip pencil at all.

Make-up amateurs sometimes apply lipstick far over the lip. In this case, the effect of a smeared mouth of a child who has just eaten a candy can be obtained.

In general, the golden mean is appropriate in makeup. And if you noticed: “Oh, how you are wearing makeup today!” – it’s not a compliment. The compliment goes like this: “How good you look today!”

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