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For proper skin care, first of all, it is necessary to determine the type of skin. You can do this in the beauty salon with a beautician, or you can do it yourself. Here are some tips to help you get it right. If, after pressing firmly with your fingers, the trace does not disappear for a long time, then your skin is dry. Dry skin – tight, thin and transparent. Sometimes it flakes and turns red, fine wrinkles are easily formed on it.

Touch a thoroughly washed and wiped mirror on your nose, forehead, and cheeks. If after that you find oily marks on its surface, it means that your skin is oily. Oily skin – shiny, with enlarged pores. Such skin looks unclean and rough.

Normal skin is free from the flaws inherent in other types of skin. Elastic, soft, smooth, fresh, not too oily and not too dry in appearance and to the touch – such skin normally reacts to any temperature changes, the use of soap and cosmetics, various water procedures. However, this does not mean that normal skin does not need care.

And finally, mixed skin type – usually nose, forehead and chin – oily skin, the rest of the skin is dry or normal.

To more reliably determine your skin type, use the following test.

This test has been developed by specialists. Read 50 statements and mark with crosses that you can refer to without hesitation. The letter most often found next to the crosses will determine your skin type.
My skin tightens unpleasantly after each cleansing T
I often get red spots on my face and neck S
I cannot wash my face with soap S
My face is very dry S
To keep my skin soft and smooth, I need at least three lubricate it with cream once a day T
Almost every time I use a new cosmetic product, pink or red spots appear on my skin S
I can use any cosmetics without any unpleasant consequences N
My skin always seems oily or greasy F
If I use powder, my face is already in an hour seems to be “spotty” F
I have to carry a powder compact with me because my nose is constantly shiny M
My skin around my eyes becomes flaccid R
My face shines as if I just smeared it with cream F
Due to increased skin irritation I have already turned to To a dermatologist S
I am prone to allergic reactions S I
have a lot of wrinkles around the eyes R
My nose and forehead shine especially strongly M
I have noticeable wrinkles R
My skin absorbs the cream like a sponge R
I find that the powder dries my skin T
After a walk, my skin takes on a beautiful pink color N
When I come from the street, my skin is slightly tightened T
I immediately feel relief as soon as I apply the cream T
My skin burns very quickly S
My complexion is naturally rather white S
I have a healthy complexion almost all year round N
I suffer from insomnia, sometimes I cannot sleep for hours R
I find that the pores on my skin are relatively larger F
I often suffer from acne and blackheads F
My skin is matte and never shiny T
I often have pimples in the nose and forehead M
I feel like I have “strong” skin N
In the center of my face, the pores on my skin are larger and more visible than on my cheeks M
After visiting the pool I need a particularly large portion of the nourishing cream, otherwise the skin tightens for several hours. T
I regularly take diuretics T
I am over 35 years old R
I regularly visit solariums and often sunbathe in summer T
My skin often itches when I am in a hot, heated room for a long time S
I would like my skin to be firmer R
I have very freckles appear quickly, I am generally prone to pigmentation disorders R
If my face is exposed to direct sunlight, it immediately burns S
My tan is quite even N
My skin seems very thin and transparent R
I have been washing my face only with water and soap for many years N
When I pluck my eyebrows, red spots remain on my skin for an hour or longer S
If I have to do something important, I get pimples on my face or herpes on my lips S You
can see immediately that I did not sleep well today R
At work, I cannot do without conditioner T
My skin is oily in summer than in winter M
So far I have been quite comfortable with the all-purpose cream N
If I use a light day cream, then cheeks become too dry M
Now decipher

In the marked points, the letter T is most often encountered? You have dry skin.
In the marked points, the letter N is most often encountered? You have normal skin.
In the marked points, the letter F is most often encountered? You have oily skin.
In the marked points, the letter M most often occurs? You have mixed skin.
In the marked points, the letter R is most often encountered? You have mature skin.
In the marked points, the letter S most often occurs? You have sensitive skin.

Please note that skin type is not always easy to determine. Mixed skin (for example, dry and at the same time sensitive) occurs in every fifth woman. In cosmetic terms, this problem is being solved by the industry.

You can read how to take care of your face skin in the corresponding sections.

Used materials from the book “Cosmetics for all” and “500 hairstyles and makeup serkets from professionals.”

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