How is allergy on the face?

Allergic reactions on the body appear due to the activity of the immune system, which in every possible way tries to protect the body from harmful effects from the outside. Moreover, the factors that can provoke allergic reactions every year more and more. When rashes appear somewhere on the body – it’s not so bad, but when an allergy occurs on the face – urgent actions are needed here, especially for girls, because everyone wants to be the owner of clean and smooth skin.  

Different reasons – different manifestations

Anything can become the cause of a rash on the face, but the most common allergens include:

– food products or individual components included in their composition;

– medications;

– animal hair;

– pollen of indoor or outdoor plants;

– dust, more precisely the tick living in it;

– cold or sun;

– household chemicals;

– nervous disorders, stress;

– cosmetics.

Usually, allergic reactions are felt immediately, but manifestations are possible after some time. The main symptoms can be considered the appearance of itching, swelling, redness. Then rashes appear, and depending on the “provocateur” the symptoms of allergies on the face can look different:   

– peeling of the skin, which is usually called dermatitis. It can occur as a reaction to the chemical components that make up the detergent, washing powder or fabric softener;

– individual acne. Usually by the age of 25, the hormonal background is normalized, and the skin of the face becomes more or less clean. Separate inflamed acne can occur if there are problems with the balance of hormones, more often in girls. Or, as a reaction to stressful situations;

– a small rash covering a certain area of ​​the skin. It can be either dry or in the form of tiny bubbles with liquid. This is usually an allergy to cosmetics or food. Most often, this type of allergy appears on the cheeks, chin, or nose.

What actions to take?

In no case should you self-medicate! The appropriate treatment should be prescribed by a doctor, so you need to make an appointment as soon as possible. In the meantime, it was not possible to find out what are the causes of allergies on the face , you can use some tips to soothe the skin and relieve itching.  

1. Stop using cosmetics that could provoke a reaction (possibly a new company, previously not used). If you do not, you can further aggravate the situation and even damage the skin.

2. To exclude from the diet foods that are considered common allergens: eggs, oranges and tangerines, red vegetables and fruits, meat and fish, etc.

3. To reduce the “suffering” of the face before going to the doctor, you need to clean the skin with cotton pads and kefir, diluted with water. In this case, the water should be slightly warm, and kefir is not very acidic. In no case do not use soap and creams.

4. Help relieve swelling and soothe itching compresses based on a decoction of chamomile or succession. Keep the compress for 10-20 minutes, with gauze or cotton wool, which are applied to the affected area, moisten every 2-3 minutes.

5. To make the skin restoration process faster, it is recommended to take calcium. The doctor can prescribe the necessary drug and dosage.

Whatever causes an allergic reaction on the face , it is important to identify the allergen in time and begin adequate, qualified treatment. This is the only way to normalize the functioning of the immune system and prevent or reduce such reactions in the future. 

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