Hand eczema treatment

Hand eczema is a skin condition that causes inflammation and itching on the body. We all know that the skin performs a protective function in the body, but it also requires special care.
When the skin is contaminated, pimples or blackheads usually appear, however, this is not the worst eczema on the hands that can happen. If you get a weird itchy rash, it’s most likely eczema that’s starting to develop. Why can this unpleasant disease occur? Specifically, it is impossible to name the causes of eczema. Each person may have their own. It can be periodic stress, a disease of the gastrointestinal tract, an allergic reaction, liver disease, and some occupational factors.

The main symptoms of eczema are cracks, excoriations, peeling.

A constant sign of eczema on the hands is peeling in the focus of inflammation and dryness.
Scratching the itchy areas can lead to a change in pigmentation and infection of the disease. But do not immediately be afraid, it is believed that eczema on the hands is not as terrible as it is presented.

Yet, only a very experienced dermatologist can determine what is the cause of this type of disease. But usually in such cases, the treatment will include several complexes at once. Due to the characteristics of each organism, it is very difficult to predict what kind of reaction will be to a particular drug.

During the course of treatment, certain rules must be observed. The most important of them is the protection of the affected area from the direct rays of the sun. The sun promotes the development of unfavorable microorganisms and the spread of eczema. It is also necessary to use soap as little as possible, and avoid contact with hot water.

The main drugs that are most often used in the treatment of eczema on the hands are ointments!

Among them, the most popular can be distinguished – Dr. Lyassar ‘s paste and Rabov ‘s ointment . In this case, it is necessary that the skin of the hands is always moisturized.

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