Features of skin care during pregnancy

Almost all organs, including the skin, undergo changes during pregnancy. This is the result of the restructuring of the body to another hormonal level. Keep an eye on your skin even more carefully. The usual set of cosmetics will most likely have to be replaced partially, or perhaps even completely.

In this position, the concentration of estrogen increases, and they, unfortunately, lead to dry skin. It will be especially difficult for those who had dry skin before pregnancy, now they will have to work harder on their attractiveness even more than usual. Make sure that the cosmetics are of high quality and natural. Such products can be found in the Agafya.com.ua online store, on the website http://agafya.com.ua/16-naturalnoe-mylo.

Sometimes it happens that during pregnancy acne will make itself felt. The reason for this is all the same hormones, apparently they have become triggers for the increased work of the sebaceous glands. You can fight acne with artillery from mild cleansers. The main thing is do not try to use creams for teenagers against acne, they can be dangerous for you.

Read labels and annotations carefully. Check that the product contains no harmful components. It is desirable that there was a note “hypoallergenic”.

If you feel that excessively dry air is floating in the house, you need to change the situation so that your skin can breathe freely. You need to organize regular wet cleaning (introduce your husband to this), and also resort to using a water spray or a high-quality humidifier.

Do not live outdated ideas and argue that it is dangerous to carry out cosmetic procedures during the period of gestation. Some species will not hurt you at all. Only serious and deep cleansing of the face will be included in the list of restrictions. But there are no complaints about light peeling, masks, scrubs, facial massage. It is more correct to use not natural, but natural means, and choose a line for sensitive skin. Exceptionally natural products are contained in cosmetics http://agafya.com.ua/5-krem-serum.

Most of the makeup products that you used before will work now. True, do not use powder and tonal, as they are able to clog pores. Determine for yourself the minimum due to which you will ensure a well-groomed and beautiful view. Try not to overuse the amount of cosmetics too.

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