Factors provoking psoriasis: how to avoid exacerbations

Psoriasis is a common dermatological disease that has raised many questions from ancient times to the present day. The disease does not pose a threat to others, it does not have an infectious component, but at the same time it can significantly spoil the quality of life of the patient himself. An important task facing doctors is to convey to the patient the information that provokes psoriasis, to formulate recommendations on how to exclude these factors as much as possible. Effective psoriasis treatment is always based on the interaction of the doctor and the patient, on the systematic implementation of all recommendations and lifestyle correction.  

Psoriasis manifests itself as pink raised spots on the body. They are itchy and prone to fusion and large plaque formation. These are foci of chronic inflammation, and the scales that cover the plaques tell doctors that in this place the epithelial cells are dividing at a breakneck speed, many times more active than they should be normal.

The causes of psoriasis are not fully understood. At the moment, the autoimmune nature of the disease is assumed. Also, doctors believe that there are genetic factors that predispose to the onset of psoriasis, because family cases are very common. Infection, stress, hypothermia can provoke a debut. In this case, psoriasis proceeds in waves, episodes of exacerbation are replaced by remission. And the duration of calm periods directly depends on the correctly prescribed treatment and the patient’s lifestyle, on his systematic skin care. In acute periods, psoriasis ointment helps to improve the condition . 

Since doctors cannot yet cure psoriasis completely, the main goal is to achieve a stable long-term remission, improve the patient’s quality of life and cleanse the skin of plaques as much as possible. We will tell you whether spicy food can cause psoriasis, how some drugs affect relapses, what factors can provoke a new exacerbation.

What foods trigger psoriasis

Oddly enough, there are foods that trigger psoriasis. Any spicy, smoked and highly salty foods are prohibited, they disrupt the absorption process in the intestine. Citrus fruits can also provoke a relapse, which block folic acid due to the colchicine they contain. And folic acid is important for skin repair. Canned foods should not be eaten, which can serve as a trigger for a new exacerbation.

Here are some other foods that trigger psoriasis:

  • cakes, pastries, carbonated drinks containing a large amount of sugar;
  • alcohol;
  • semi-finished products.

It is advisable to eat dishes prepared at home, then you can control the composition and calorie content. The diet should be rich in vegetables and fruits, slow carbohydrates and protein that is easy to digest.

Medicines that cause relapse of the disease

Pharmacological drugs can also affect the course of the disease. If we talk about what drugs provoke psoriasis, then first of all these are antibiotics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, beta-blockers. Vaccines and serums have a significant effect, because they directly affect the immune system, the incorrect work of which is the basis of psoriasis. Also provoke psoriasis drugs for high blood pressure, mental illness. This does not mean that a person suffering from psoriasis should not be involved in the treatment of other diseases, for example, hypertension, should not be vaccinated, but he should inform doctors about the presence of dermatological problems, should not self-medicate and should not buy self-prescribed drugs from the pharmacy.

What is the role of parasites in the course of the disease

There is a parasitic theory of the development of psoriasis. The fact is that intestinal parasites are often found in people who have already been diagnosed with this diagnosis. Of course, this is not the root cause of the onset of the disease, but it is possible that parasites affect the human immune system, create a constant tension of the immune system, produce allergic toxins, and can cause episodes of psoriasis. If we talk about which parasites provoke psoriasis, then it is worth highlighting the following:

  • roundworm;
  • pinworms;
  • lamblia;
  • bovine tapeworm and others.

In patients with psoriasis, any parasitic infestation must be identified and treated. This will help reduce the likelihood of flare-ups.

Prevention of recurrence of psoriasis

A new episode can be caused by stress, hypothermia, hormonal changes. Psoriasis also provokes tight synthetic clothing, rough seams, it is important to wear only loose clothing made from natural fabrics – cotton and linen. In summer, you need to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation, use sunscreen cosmetics with filters. People with psoriasis should avoid abrasions and cuts, maintain good hygiene, keep the skin hydrated, and use emollients on a regular basis. Then it will be possible to achieve a long and stable remission.

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