Common causes of itching, flaking, and redness of the scalp

Flaky scalp is a common problem that is often accompanied by itching and inflammation. The exact cause can only be determined by a dermatologist.

Pathological causes of scalp peeling

Desquamation is often a symptom of the disease. Among the most common reasons are:

  • psoriasis;
  • neurodermatitis;
  • seborrheic dermatitis.

Scalp psoriasis is a chronic condition in which pink papules form, raised above the skin. A characteristic feature of such spots is scales on the surface. If you clean them off, droplets of blood will appear, like dew. Peeling with psoriasis is local in nature, small spots can merge into larger ones, but clean areas of the skin still remain.

In this case, a special plant-based ointment will help to remove flaking and itching , which will relieve inflammation and moisturize the skin. Scaling with psoriasis is the result of too rapid division of epithelial cells. 

Neurodermatitis is often localized in the occipital region. The disease has a hereditary predisposition, its causes are still unknown. With this dermatological pathology, a person develops severe itching, and the skin begins to peel off. 

Seborrheic dermatitis leads to dandruff. The causative agent is yeast-like fungi that each of us normally has. But with the increased formation of sebum, the fungi are activated and lead to disease. The scalp begins to itch, and dry white scales fall on the shoulders. In this case, special antifungal agents will help to remove flaking of the scalp.

Other causes not related to the disease

Sometimes itching and flaking of the scalp may not be related to pathogens and internal diseases. Dry skin and peeling can result from:

  • stress;
  • vitamin deficiency;
  • the use of improperly selected cosmetics;
  • staining with persistent dyes;
  • the impact of an aggressive environment;
  • dehydration;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • poorly performed cosmetic procedures.

Since itching, flaking and redness of the scalp has many causes, it is worthwhile to see a doctor as soon as a problem arises. The sooner the diagnosis is made, the easier it will be to eliminate unpleasant symptoms. It is useless to treat peeling on your own , because sometimes you need pharmaceuticals, and in other cases it is enough to drink vitamins.  

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