Can we cure psoriasis

Psoriasis is based on hereditary predisposition, which can be passed from parents to children. However, in itself, the predisposition to psoriasis does not determine either the time of occurrence of this disease, or the intensity with which it will proceed in the future. The probability and time of occurrence, as well as the severity of the first manifestation of the disease or a new exacerbation (the so-called relapse) are characterized by very large individual differences. The occurrence and course of the disease may depend on the action of many factors. In many cases, the actions of many factors must coincide before the threshold leading to the development of an acute disease is overcome.
As the first manifestation of scaly lichen, and all subsequent exacerbations can be caused by stress or strong emotional experiences experienced at work and in the family. In addition, trauma and inflammation of the skin, infectious diseases such as influenza, tonsillitis and bronchitis, the use of certain medications, various foods, and much more can also be causative factors. Diabetes mellitus, obesity or calcium deficiency can contribute to the development of psoriasis. General factors in the form of harmful substances contained in the air and in food (ozone, nitrogen oxides, sulfur compounds, carbon monoxide, plant protection products and many others) can also contribute to this. Internal factors, such as changes in hormonal balance (for example, during pregnancy or puberty), can positively or negatively affect the clinical picture of the disease.

Until now, there are no methods of therapy for psoriasis, allowing to achieve a stable cure. The goal of treatment is to achieve a regression of the skin manifestations, or, in other words, to return squamous lichen to the so-called latent phase (squamous without skin manifestations). With the help of remedial measures and appropriate preventive-oriented norms of behavior, it is sometimes possible to achieve that asymptomatic periods can be extended for many years.

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