Body peeling at home

What is peeling, today everyone knows. The procedure restores youthfulness to the skin, making it well-groomed, smooth and supple. Hardware cosmetology salons offer various types of peeling, but many prefer body peeling at home – it is effective and less costly.  

A little bit about peeling

With age, the skin loses some of its properties: it becomes thinner, drier, and the processes of restoration of skin cells slow down in it. A cosmetic procedure – peeling – helps to “wake up” decaying skin processes, which positively affects the quality of the skin.

The skin of the body, no less than the skin on the face, needs care, so mechanical home peeling is very relevant. It is carried out using cosmetics – scrubs, which contain natural or artificial abrasives: sand, special wax, crushed bones, nuts, dry therapeutic mud. These microscopic particles cleanse the skin, remove dead skin flakes, exfoliating the upper stratum corneum.

Peeling Achievements

· Restoring skin elasticity and firmness in the neckline, abdomen, hips, buttocks and bust.

· Elimination of striae (stretch marks).

· Effective fight against cellulitis.

· Returns youth to the skin of the hands.

· The effect of exfoliating dead skin cells reduces hyperkeratosis.

· The peeling procedure has a positive effect on the reproduction of elastin and collagen.

· Normalizes the work of sebaceous skin cells.

· Promotes skin renewal.

· Due to peeling, the metabolic processes in the skin cells are accelerated.

· After peeling, the skin more effectively perceives the beneficial ingredients of cosmetics.

· Improves the appearance and color of the skin.

Means for home peeling

When choosing a scrub for home peeling, you need to remember that the older the skin, the greater the number of exfoliating substances should contain the product. Cosmetologists advise, when performing body peeling at home , apply scrubs of the same cosmetic line as everyday care products – this will increase their mutual effectiveness. 

Peeling with abrasive particles is allowed to be used only with absolutely healthy skin. If there are acne and skin diseases on it , then this can provoke irritation or infection. With problem skin, you can use gels or special creams, with a milder, sparing effect. 

How often can I apply home peeling?

Any kind of peeling causes microscopic injuries to the skin of the body, so you should not abuse it. If the skin is oily or normal, then one procedure is enough for a week. With thin sensitive skin, peeling is performed no more than once every two weeks.

Miracle recipes for home peeling procedures

· Honey and coffee peeling. Mix two teaspoons of ground coffee with ten tablespoons of fresh honey and a tablespoon of olive oil. The mass obtained after mixing is applied to the body by massaging circular motions. After five minutes, rinse with water. 

· Peeling “goodbye cellulite”. The same ingredients are required as in the previous composition, but honey must be melted in a water bath. Additionally, two drops of lemon or orange essential oil are added to the finished mass. With vigorous movements, the mixture is rubbed into problem areas of the body, until redness appears. Twenty minutes later, washed off with water. To enhance the effect, you can cover the places treated with a home scrub with a polyethylene film, and wrap a warm cloth over it. In the treated areas, active sweating begins – the effect of the sauna. After two and a half hours, the film is removed, the remains of the scrub are removed. 


Carrying out body peeling at home , you need to remember that for the visible result, several procedures are required. In addition, body skin needs daily care. Peeling is not recommended for pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding. Good luck. 

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