Autumn skin care

It is known that in heat or frost, the skin needs special care. And what kind of care does she need in the offseason?

In the fall, when the activity of the sun decreased, you can afford peeling. Even if in the summer you regularly used sunscreens, the skin managed to become more dense. It is necessary to get rid of coarsened cells in time, otherwise more serious problems will arise: acne and deep wrinkles. Thanks to peeling, the skin will again become radiant and smooth. At home, it is better to use peeling products with fruit acids. They delicately remove old cells without injuring the skin. But scrubs with abrasive particles should be used with caution – they can cause irritation and are not suitable for sensitive skin. Of course, any home procedures with skin with an insufficient level of preparation can lead to adverse consequences. That is why it is advisable to make an appointment with a cosmetologist or dermatologist, and get clear instructions and recommendations that will really help make your skin healthy and young.

It is important to prepare your skin for the onset of winter frosts already in the offseason. This will help restore cream with provitamins of group B (peptides, panthenol, hyaluronic acid). And so that the first frosts do not lead to redness and rashes, you need to pamper your skin at least once a week with moisturizing masks.

It is also recommended to pay attention to detergents and personal hygiene products, so living soap made from natural ingredients is much better than usual, which will dry the skin and not moisturize it. 

Another autumn problem is the so-called oxidative stress: due to excessive exposure to the sun over the summer, the skin becomes dull and rough. To prevent the person from becoming covered with a net of wrinkles ahead of time, it is necessary to use products enriched with vitamin C, and also include antioxidant products in the diet: red grapes, prunes, beets, eggplant, red pepper, broccoli, eggplant.

In any case, in order for the skin to please you, you should not be lazy and pay more attention to it.

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