Acne on the chin in women: causes and methods of treatment

Acne most often occurs in areas where the activity of the sebaceous glands is higher. On the face, potential problem areas include the forehead and nasolabial triangle and chin. Rashes in the mouth and lower jaw in women can be associated with both minor deviations in the work of the glands of the dermis, and with serious health problems. If the inflammations are not isolated and always manifest themselves only in the chin area, you need to carefully approach the analysis of the causes and treatment.

The causes of acne on the chin

For the development of acne, hypersecretion of the sebaceous glands or blockage of the ducts is not enough. As a rule, several factors influence this simultaneously.

The most common causes of chin acne in women include:

  • Increase in progesterone levels , which increases sebum production and slightly reduces immunity. Such a deviation can be quite normal when it comes to the third phase of the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, or taking progesterone – containing drugs.
  • Stress and the hormone associated with it – cortisol, which inhibits the body’s defenses and enhances the secretion of sebum. 
  • Improper diet , which is dominated by fast carbohydrates and unsaturated fats. The development of pathogenic microflora in the stomach and intestines, dehydration and lack of vitamins provoke deterioration of the skin. In addition, the likelihood of allergic rashes should not be ruled out. If small pustules filled with clear fluid appear around the mouth and on the chin, accompanied by redness and itching, it is possible that this is a contact allergy to food or drinks, such as flavored teas or fruit juice.
  • Smoking , as a result of which the tar from the tobacco smoke settles on the skin, clogs the pores and irritates them.
  • The use of low-quality decorative cosmetics , for example, powder, with the help of which women are trying to eliminate the oily sheen in this area.
  • Contact with scarf, collar, neckerchief. Dirt and germs accumulate on clothes, and during friction can penetrate pores or microcracks . Especially often this process manifests itself in the cold season, when the skin is drier, more vulnerable, and you just want to hide your face deeper in warm clothes. 

How to get rid of?

Recommendations for the treatment of chin acne in women are not too different from those that cosmetologists give for the treatment and prevention of acne in any other area.

To forget about painful rashes you need:

  • Change your diet in favor of a healthier diet, consume enough fluids, exclude sweet, fatty, fried and spicy foods for the period of exacerbation. 
  • Check the health of the hormonal system, visit a gynecologist and endocrinologist, and, if necessary, make adjustments to the treatment or method of contraception. 
  • Give up bad habits , lead an active lifestyle, be more outdoors.
  • Competently and systematically approach skin care , cleansing and the use of decorative cosmetics. It is better if the remedies for problem skin are selected individually under the supervision of a cosmetologist. 
  • Eliminate contact of the skin of the chin with clothing , masks and simply with dirty hands. Many women have a habit of resting their chin on the palm of their hand when talking, reading or working. In this case, pathogens easily migrate from dirty fingers to the face.

Folk signs

Observant women associate the appearance of acne on the chin with certain events in their lives. And although this refers more to traditions and superstitions, some omens may well be justified by real reasons.

So, for example, acne on the chin of a young woman was a harbinger of dates and an imminent meeting with a loved one. This statement is by no means devoid of logic, since the activation of sex hormones one way or another leads to the fact that the girl is more interested in the opposite sex.

For a pregnant woman, the appearance of pimples on her chin was a sign that she was probably expecting a boy. This statement is quite reasonable. Already from the ninth week, the testes and adrenal glands of the male fetus produce androgens – male sex hormones. It is they, together with the growing level of progesterone, that enhance the work of the sebaceous glands.

For married women, a painful pimple in the chin area promises misunderstandings and disagreements with their spouses. An ancient omen is fully explained by premenstrual syndrome, during which the production of progesterone increases, immunity decreases, and in some cases the irritability and nervousness of women increases. Naturally, in this state, there are more chances to quarrel with her husband.


Although acne in women on the chin is usually called “hormonal”, the cause of rashes in this area is not always associated with the work of the endocrine and reproductive systems. Before starting treatment, you need to analyze not only other symptoms, but also carefully consider your lifestyle and skin care.

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