Acne masks at home

There are a lot of reasons for the appearance of dermatological inflammations, for choosing the most suitable course of treatment, factors such as age, skin type, individual characteristics of the body, heredity, etc. should be taken into account. and skin health.

In traditional medicine, a considerable range of recipes for cleansing and anti-inflammatory face masks has been accumulated, the effectiveness and safety of which has been tested over the years.

Honey masks

Bee honey has long been famous for its nutritional, disinfecting and regenerating properties. Masks using honey as one of the components do not dry the epidermis, besides, honey has the ability to penetrate into the deep layers of the skin, delivering a lot of useful elements there.

  • To moisturize the dermis and give it freshness, the face is smeared with pure honey.
  • To treat acne, add one raw egg to a tablespoon of honey, mix thoroughly and apply on the face for a quarter of an hour, after which it is washed off with warm water.

Such masks are suitable only for those who have no intolerance to honey and bee products.

Clay acne mask

The use of clay masks has a cumulative effect, the longer the course of treatment, the more sustainable the result is achieved. For cleansing the skin and eliminating inflammatory processes, the most effective is blue clay, which has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

  • To prepare a clay mask, it must be diluted with water or oil until it is creamy.
  • Adding a few drops of lemon to the composition will give the mask a whitening effect.
  • Owners of dry skin should only dilute clay powder with oil, and use nourishing agents immediately after rinsing off the mask, this will save the epidermis from moisture loss.

Baking soda mask

To get rid of small rashes at the initial stage of their formation (without opened abscesses), a soda-based mask is used.

  • To prepare it, a large spoonful of sodium bicarbonate is added to a solution of water and soap, applied to the areas of inflammation and kept on the face for about twenty minutes.
  • Then the skin should be rinsed with plenty of lukewarm water.

Baking soda face mask to relieve acne

Such a composition has a drying effect, narrows the pores and relieves sebum, the excess of which provokes the formation of acne and purulent formations.

Egg masks for acne

The rich composition of raw chicken eggs is used not only for food, but also for achieving beautiful skin. Egg masks are a traditional way to moisturize and soothe irritated areas. Mainly for problem areas, egg white is used, which does an excellent job of narrowing pores and relieving inflammation, as well as having a lifting effect .

  • A wide variety of ingredients are added to the protein: lemon juice, kefir, aloe pulp, lavender or tea tree essential oil.
  • Sequential application of first whipped egg white for a quarter of an hour, followed by washing, and then the yolk will give the skin a radiant appearance and healthy color.

Protein face mask, fight acne, anti-aging effect

Oatmeal for acne

Flakes of this cereal are rich in trace elements and have a good anti-inflammatory and soothing effect. In addition, oatmeal masks are perfect for sensitive and dry skin types.

  • Brewing two parts of oatmeal, ground into flour, with three parts boiling water and infusing for ten minutes will provide an excellent basis for a nourishing mask.
  • You can enrich its composition with essential oils, honey or green tea.

Yeast masks for acne

Nourishing masks, rich in B vitamins, niacin, biotin, have a nourishing effect, improve the protective properties of the skin and fight inflammation. The recipe is very simple.

  • Dry yeast is diluted with a small amount of warm boiled water to a creamy consistency that can be applied to the face without dripping.
  • After drying, the mask is washed off with warm water.

Acne cucumber mask

Cucumber mask perfectly soothes, moisturizes and tones the skin, relieves irritation and has a mild whitening effect.

  • Cucumber juice, obtained by rubbing on a fine grater and squeezing the resulting mass, is mixed with a pinch of baking soda and a small amount of corn starch, necessary to obtain a mushy mass that covers the face.
  • You can withstand such an application for up to half an hour, after which you need to rinse your face with water.

Sea salt mask

The effect of sea salt has a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin, strengthening local immunity, relieving inflammation, cleansing toxins and promoting regeneration.

  • The crushed sea salt is mixed with the oil suitable for the skin type, you can add the crushed pulp of aloe leaves to the mask, stir until a paste-like state and apply on the face for half an hour.
  • It is better for owners of the dry type to supplement the composition with a small amount of cow’s milk, this will soften the effect of the composition and reduce the drying effect.

Olive oil

A warm mixture of pressed garlic pulp and olive oil, applied to acne-affected areas, has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect.

Withstand such an application should be no more than a quarter of an hour, then the excess is removed from the skin with paper towels or napkins. It is better to wash your face no earlier than a couple of hours after applying the mask, so the healing effect will be stronger.

Olive oil for the face. USE and APPLICATION of olive oil for the face

Activated carbon

The recipe using coal uses its properties of removing toxins and harmful substances that provoke the formation of inflammation. A light drying effect is useful for excess sebum production.

  • To prepare a healing solution, applied pointwise to the inflamed areas, powdered activated carbon is mixed with a small amount of chamomile, calendula or string infusion.

Mummy for acne

Mountain resin has an excellent body cleansing ability.

  • A solution of mummy with aloe juice or green tea, supplemented with a couple of drops of cedarwood essential oil, will restore a healthy complexion to the face and stop inflammation.
  • Shilajit mixed with sour cream will soften the skin and relieve irritation.

Turmeric acne mask

Turmeric is a powerful natural antiseptic, so people with oily skin can safely use this great spice to achieve a healthy looking complexion.

  • Turmeric powder and mint juice mixed to form a gruel will create a fresh and cool feeling for the problem dermis, preventing the development of purulent formations and cleansing the pores.
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