What is important to know for patients with psoriasis

There are a number of factors that worsen the course of psoriasis. Any person suffering from this disease must know and observe them.


It is necessary to try to avoid stressful situations, they can provoke an exacerbation of psoriasis.

Skin damage

Do not damage the skin, do not comb, try to avoid all kinds of mechanical irritation of the skin. Psoriasis can begin to develop in a damaged area that was not previously susceptible to the disease. Burns, scratches, cuts, injuries – all this can lead to an increase in the course of the disease.


It is important to know that excessive exposure to the sun does not contribute to the treatment of psoriasis, but, on the contrary, can lead to its development. You can stay in the sun (ultraviolet rays slow down the growth of skin cells), but not more than 20 minutes, and be sure to use sun protection.

Proper nutrition

Eat right – this advice is useful not only for patients with psoriasis. A balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables can alleviate the course of the disease and generally has a beneficial effect on the body.

Physical exercises

Do not forget about physical exercises, which will increase your mood, improve the general condition of the body.


Some medications that the patient takes for another reason can significantly worsen the course of the disease. Therefore, it is imperative that you tell your doctor about the medications you are taking.


In patients with psoriasis who abuse alcohol, exacerbation of the disease is much more common. Itching intensifies, the clinical course of psoriasis becomes more severe. It is all the more important to know and remember that drinking alcohol is incompatible with the use of drugs.

Water procedures

When taking a bath or shower, you must use a soft sponge that does not irritate the skin. It is better not to use a washcloth at all. Use delicate skin cleansers, preferably pharmacy ones – this is another important factor, the observance of which will help make life easier for patients with psoriasis.


Choose clothes that are loose, light and do not restrict movement. Avoid wearing synthetic fabrics.

Household chemicals

Try to reduce contact with household chemicals. Handle with extreme care with powders, paints, various cleaning agents. Contact with substances of this kind may exacerbate skin rashes.

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