Sugar and bread are bad for your skin

To achieve perfect skin color , some women spend a fortune on salon treatments and expensive cosmetics. However, scientists believe that no modern technology can help if a woman does not eat properly. The condition of the skin, in particular, the presence of acne and premature signs of aging is associated with poor digestion and the use of junk food.  

In addition, buying expensive cosmetics, girls can not be sure of its quality. Many creams and tonics contain harmful chemicals that cause irritation and other skin problems. Any beautician will tell you that skin nutrition should be carried out not only superficially, but also from the inside. Together with nutritionists, scientists have developed a special diet for the skin, excluding those products that cause premature aging, allergies and acne.  

Sugar and bread cause aging of the skin. The daily diet should only consist of products containing antioxidants and a minimum amount of refined carbohydrates, sugar and toxins. Leslie Bauman, a dermatologist from the United States, advises ladies to permanently give up sugar, as well as reduce the consumption of french fries, white bread, soda and rice. These products, according to the dermatologist, lead to rapid aging of the skin.       

Instead of harmful products, be sure to include fatty fish, nuts, citrus fruits, berries, avocados, green tea, green vegetables, yogurt, turmeric, cinnamon and garlic in the menu. It is better to limit the intake of fatty dairy products and preservatives, alcohol and salt.  

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