Skin in spring

Consults by the candidate of medical sciences, dermatologist of the Moscow city dermatovenerologic dispensary №5 Evgenia Viktorovna Dvoryankova.

– The long winter months could not but affect the condition of your skin. And the growing sun can cause even more damage to the skin – insidious ultraviolet light will instantly react to any rash on the face and can lead to hyperpigmentation. Of course, all this had to be foreseen in advance and take care of the skin even in winter. But it’s not too late to do something now. First commandment: if you have the slightest signs of pigmentation, try to find out what causes them. Sometimes this can be due to hormonal disorders, changes in the liver and biliary tract. Then serious treatment will be required. If everything is in order with your health, you will have to come to terms with the fact that such is, alas, the peculiarity of your skin – and pay more attention to it.

– What can you do to protect yourself from age spots?

– For women in central Russia, I would advise you to regularly use sunscreens from March to September. Moreover, the degree of protection should be high enough – at least 30. Even women with healthy skin should have creams, lotions, emulsions from companies such as LA ROCHE-POUSE or NIVEA in their cosmetic bag. Well, problem skin requires even more serious attention – here you cannot do without such products as, for example, BIODERMA, the degree of protection of which reaches 100. Starting from April, you need to resort to them daily, before each going out. And don’t forget that, as a rule, they last no more than two hours.

– Many salons offer whitening treatments. How effective are they?

– There are really only two ways to get rid of age spots – either the sunscreens I mentioned, or bleaching. But peeling is possible only from September.
If necessary, do it in autumn and winter. In spring and summer, however, it may not be beneficial, but harmful – after peeling, the skin becomes even more susceptible to sunlight. And the opposite effect is not excluded – there will be no less pigmentation spots, but more. Some plants, such as lemon, parsley, parsnips, also have whitening properties. Many are fond of such masks, and they, no doubt, are useful, but again only in cold weather. And under the influence of ultraviolet rays, even innocent parsley can lead to the rash of new age spots. Therefore, with the onset of heat, it is better to refuse from “home cosmetics” and switch to a sunscreen line.

– Is it possible to improve the condition of the skin by changing something in the diet?

– The advice here is not new: include in the diet more vegetables – fresh, pickled. In addition, it will not hurt to take a multivitamin – two to three times a day after meals. Multivitamins containing trace elements are especially useful
. Traditional vitamin C won’t hurt either.

– Hyperpigmentation is probably not the only problem women face in spring?

– In addition to dark spots, white ones also cause a lot of trouble. They are typical for people with vitiligo. Individual areas of the skin are completely devoid of pigment – which means they are not protected from the sun. Such people can get burned even in spring. In addition, ultraviolet light, falling on unprotected areas of the skin, can lead to the appearance of new spots. There can also be only one way out here: an urgent transition to a sunscreen line – using the means that I have already mentioned. Photodermatosis may also worsen. This is a whole group of diseases, which include dermatitis, urticaria, pruritus. Ultraviolet light is generally contraindicated for such people. And if an aggravation occurs, sunscreen alone will not be enough.

Alas, she can present you with unexpected surprises – in the form of age spots,
redness, pimples, freckles. How to avoid spring troubles?

Last tips

* Women with problem skin do not interfere with the use of medical cosmetics, which are sold in pharmacies. As a rule, stands with medical cosmetics have a consultant on duty: he will help you choose the right products for any type of skin.

* Lovers of home cosmetics can be advised to wipe the skin with an ice cube with a decoction of medicinal herbs. For example, chamomile or sage will do. Do this in the morning instead of washing your face. This will improve blood circulation and make the skin firmer.

* A valuable vitamin remedy for the skin – birch spring sap. It can serve as an excellent cosmetic mask. Lubricate the skin 2-3 times in a row and leave on for 10 minutes.

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