Simple secrets of beautiful skin

No fashionable dress and any accessory can be compared with clean skin. And every woman dreams of smooth and beautiful skin. How can this be achieved?

If you want your skin to become silky, pamper it with a contrast massage. How to do it? Wet one napkin in hot water and the other in cold water. Alternately apply wipes to your face.

Such exercises will be very beneficial for the skin:

1. “The pump.” Inhale through the nose air, while tightening the wings of the nose as much as possible. Then exhale through your mouth.

2. “Diver.” Inhale as much air as possible, strain your face muscles and puff out your cheeks. When performing this exercise, blood rushes to the face. Then release the air in jerks.

3. “Roll the air.” Take air into your mouth and pump it like a ball.

When skin care is very important to choose cosmetics. Any skin needs hydration and nourishment. Best if they are natural ingredients. Make masks of cucumber and grapes. Apply the mixture on your face and rinse it with warm water after 15 minutes. Then apply face cream.

The worst enemies of the skin are acne and acne. In order to get rid of them, wipe your face with a decoction of oak bark. It will be enough twice a week. And the most important thing. Review your diet. Sweet and fatty foods are very harmful to the skin.

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